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Monday, November 21, 2016

...I've found it and I'm never letting it go.

Hello to my people. I hope everything is well and that you're smiling. If not, you should because you're reading a letter from your favorite missionary!!

This week has been a hoot! Okay, it's been so so. I've been sick this past week but today I'm doing great, in comparison to the beginning that is. Despite being sick, I've still been able to see many people and we met with some new investigators. 

We had an interesting meeting with a family on Tuesday, the !Garus-oab family. Yes, I spelled it right. Some names are crazy! I will pay anyone who pronounces it right. Trust me, I'm keeping my money. Anyways, they're a great family but they like to debate. For them, they insist that all answers must come from the bible. And if it doesn't state it plainly then they dispute it. So I had some fun. As time went on I started getting frustrated. We were sharing scriptures about the pre-existence, Jeremiah 1:5, and then explaining that we were all with God before. He only wanted to accept that God knew Jeremiah because He's God. Finally, it got to a moment where I started sharing scriptures and testimony that aren't straight forward but, with reasoning, make sense. By the end they were silent. They also were glad and understanding. I must say I love this Gospel and the truths that are found in it. Because of the Restoration we have full truths and understanding.

So our friend, Ottilie, is doing wonderfully. She's loving the church and the gospel. She's looked around to other churches and she was about to give up when she met her friend, Sarti, a member of the church. Day one she loved the church and day two, her daughter loved the church. Her daughter, Valentina, was even in the primary program yesterday and she did wonderfully! Ottilie is doing great and she can't wait to be baptized!!

I know this church is true. I know it is the one and only true church. I've never seen so much happiness and love than in this church. If being on my mission has brought at least one thing to my life it is a love of the gospel and scriptures. I promise you all, the Book of Mormon is true. I never truly understood the power that it holds but I've found it and I'm never letting it go. 

Thank you all for your prayers and I encourage you to go read Moroni 10:4 and truly ponder what it says. I promise that your heart will be changed if you search it with faith.

- Elder Burgess

Oh yeah a small thing I forgot...


I can't believe I'm missing one of my favorite holidays again!! first work and now my mission... 2018 Thanksgiving will be great, so help me!!!

Love you all and I hope you remember to thank God for all that you have and all the people in your lives! Heaven knows I'm thankful for you!

Enjoy the pie! 

I apologize, I've been sick so I haven't taken pictures. Here's a quick photo to prove I'm alive and show off my new haircut...it looks the same as before, I know...but there's not much I can do with it on my mission, okay?!

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