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Monday, June 27, 2016

Sorry! The internet was down.

Hello Everyone!!!

So sorry about this last week. The internet has been down. I guess I should catch you up on everything then. I've been doing well. I mentioned a mini transfer earlier, well, I'm staying and so is Elder Bagoole. He'll probably leave at the official transfer though and I could train. We have 12 missionaries coming in. 12!!

Also, President Wilson is going home! So we're getting a new president, President Chadambuka. It's interesting having this happen... I hope that everything goes well. President Wilson will be missed. We had Zone Conference this last Friday and it's probably the last time I'll see him until after my mission. I can see him becoming a General Authority. He's a truly remarkable man. 

These past couple weeks have been eventful. We said goodbye to our good friend Oupa Shai (Oh-pa shy), he's leaving for his mission in Madagascar! He'll be in the MTC for just 6 weeks to learn Malagasy, then into the field for him! He's a great teacher and I just know that he'll work wonders over there.

Let's see what else... oh yeah, there's been rioting in Pretoria. It's been pretty serious too, the missionaries down there were evacuated for a couple days. They're back there now though. You can look it up. People down here are pretty crazy! But everyone is safe in the mission.

Oh and Happy Father's Day to all the fathers that read this. It's late I know, but still said with appreciation and love. 

I'd like to thank you all for all the love and support you've sent my way, I truly appreciate it.

- Elder Burgess

Elder Bagoole, Elder Oupa Shai, and I.

Doing more service. This time in Modjadji.

We were playing soccer. Can you tell? ;)

Friday, June 17, 2016

Press forward, always abounding in good works.

Hello Everyone! 

Not a huge update this week. Life is going well and South Africa is treating me very kindly. People here are doing well. We currently have a few good investigators. They're coming to church every Sunday and we are seeing them each week, sometimes multiple times a week, if schedules permit. We've been trying to invite a sister to baptism but she's not quite there with us. I know it's a consideration but she doesn't want a date set. I won't lie, it has been a little frustrating but time will prove for her I'm sure. She married into a family of members and I'm pretty sure her husband served a mission. I'm quite optimistic.

I can't remember if I said anything about this but, Elder Dickson, one of the Tzaneen Elders, lost his wallet along with his license. So since he has no license I've been helping them by driving. They technically cover two areas, Tzaneen and Motupa. Tzaneen is a branch and Motupa is a group. The whole of their area is huge! So to reach most people they can't walk so I've gone on splits with them many times. I've come to know their area and my own. I have enjoyed it though. I've met some wonderful people in their areas and had some good lessons. 

One such lesson was with a sister in Motupa. I'm not quite sure how to spell her name but it sounds like Mighty. Anyway she has some dogs and they joined us for the lesson which was interesting.

At another lesson I found a dance partner. She's about two years old and adorable! During the lesson she was playing patty cake with me which turned into her dancing while she held my hands. I'm happy to see that dance hasn't left me completely.

I thank you all for all the love you've shown me and for the many blessings you've sent my way. I wish you the best!

- Elder Burgess

Cameron's little dance partner.

Elder Dickson having a lesson with his new companion.

Monday, June 6, 2016

We're all human.

Cameron wrote this morning. It's Monday and time for another update. Enjoy.

Hello to my people.

I hope you're doing well. So I've been having a lot of fun lately. We've been having some good lessons and met some good people.

So we were invited to play soccer Saturday which was really fun! It's also a great way to meet new people. As you play, random people just show up and start playing with you. Then after, we just introduce ourselves and it opens a doorway. We also just played today, right before I came here to write this that is. The people here though are good!! They've been playing since they were able to walk and they're always playing! 

We also had a talent show which went ok. The organization was rough and not too many people showed talents but it was still a good start. I was a little sad because I can't really show my talent of dancing... But no biggie. 

On the more spiritual side, we recently had a sister come to church because she liked how one of the members was dressed so nicely. After attending the whole day she later called us asking for a blessing. It was quite the experience to be recognized as a man of God. It was also interesting as we explained and performed the blessing. She was expecting some kind of show or a big thing but after I knew the Spirit was there with us, I just hope she recognized it.

Lenyenye is doing well, but we're looking for more people to teach now. We do have a sister that is progressing well. Her name is Mapula. We sometimes struggle with the language barrier but she's a good sport about it. She loves English, she's just not given much chance to use it.

Lastly, I got a haircut... Why do I put dots, you ask? Well it didn't exactly go as planned. There was a miscommunication as I explained that I wanted it short enough to still be able to style it but he heard short. No big deal though, it'll grow back. I'll attach a photo for your humor of the day.

Thank you to all of you praying for me and writing me, I love you all for it.

- Elder Burgess

Friday, June 3, 2016

Less is more.

I apologize for posting this so late in the week. I had surgery on my toe so things have been crazy! - Kimberli (the favorite sister)

Hello everyone!

I hope you've been well. A shorter time has passed since I wrote but man, a lot has happened. So we received transfer news this last so drum roll please..... I'm staying in Lenyenye with Elder Bagoole! But, he's most likely leaving in like 3 weeks because there's some elders going home and we were told that their replacements will come from our district. Either way I'm happy! I've been enjoying myself and the people here. 

Like I said the week was interesting though. We have helped for service twice this week out in Modjadji which is like 30 kilometers from Tzaneen (where we stay) but in the opposite direction as Lenyenye. Then on Friday we actually went to Modjadji to be with one of the elders, Elder Diogo, and try and help him. I've now gotten to know that area pretty well. 

Another exciting event was we had the rain prevent a lesson (no, that's not what was exciting). So instead we ended up helping some members catch a pig that had escaped. That little guy was fast!! Anyways, as we were putting bricks in the way of the gate to his pen to prevent the pig from escaping, I found a little friend. I'll include a picture.

I guess I don't have as much as I thought... Well our recent converts were confirmed yesterday and they're so happy! After confirming them I sat down next to Nico who leaned over and asked, "So when do I get my Bible and special Book of Mormon?" He's blind so he can't read it but he's going to have his wife read it to him. I'm excited about his wife Phina. I feel she's been coming around to the idea of baptism. She's started coming to church with their kids and she has friends in the branch. I can't wait to see where it goes with her!

I've enjoyed so much lately. Yesterday we shared the story of the Ten Lepers. I encourage you all to go read it in Luke 17:12-19. As you read reflect on how you want to be. Do you want to just be cleansed or be made whole? What does it mean when Jesus said, "thy faith hath made thee whole"?

I love you all so much and I thank you for your love for me,

- Elder Burgess

Even after a day of people ditching us, I was still able to smile.

Just doing some service in a suit.