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Monday, April 25, 2016

Life is good.

New update from our boy! Happy Monday :)

Dear Peoples,

I hope that everything is going well for you all. I'm enjoying life so very much! So I'm in my new area, Lenyenye. It's tricky to define how to pronounce it. Thus far, I love it here. Elder Bagoole is super nice and loving. He's a fun guy and loves being here. We started working the moment I got here on Tuesday. We had a very successful week and a full schedule this coming week. 

Lenyenye is a small township about 25-30 kilometers away from where we stay. Then our area also covers many surrounding d Lenyenye and Tzaneen are very mountainous and green. If you're not going up, you're going down. There's no flat, straight roads. It's also very beautiful here. 

People here are very nice and so loving. I've had some good laughs and gotten closer to people already. They're so welcoming here. Words can't really describe how happy I am here. This is what I imagined my mission in Africa was going to be like. 

We have two 11 year old boys being baptized on the 8th of May, Mother's Day. I'm very excited to see them be baptized. One boy's english is choppy so we have someone interpret for us and the other boy's english is good. They're very smart! There's quite the range of language skills here. We also have a couple other investigators that need interpreters so it's been interesting. Regardless of how learned some people are and some aren't, they all have big hearts.

Not too much more to report I'm afraid. Until next week, know I love you all and I appreciate your prayers.

- Elder Burgess

Elder Bagoole and I

A beautiful church clock tower that is just down the road from our flat.

Monday, April 18, 2016

New places and big changes.

Cameron wrote us this morning. Enjoy!

Hello to you all!

So I've been doing well this past week, I hope you have too. So Transfers are this week. Last Saturday I was going insane as the minutes ticked by in what felt like hours, waiting for the transfer news. Well turns out I'm leaving. I'm going to a township/ village called Lenyenye. It's up by Tzaneen. I'm quite excited! I'll be closer to more animals and I'm hoping to see some hippos and crocodiles. I'll try and get as many pictures as I can, hopefully some better ones of animals too. 

My new companion will be Elder Bagoole. He's from Uganda and has been on his mission for 4 1/2 months, so two new guys taking on an area. I'm hopeful it will be a good time though. 

I'm sad to leave Mokopane but I know it will continue to progress. Just yesterday I visited some investigators that have been investigating for a while. They've been hesitant to set a baptism date but as I was saying goodbye they said, "I will be baptized... soon." It was so wonderful to hear!!

Yesterday I also got to finish Sunday's Conference sessions. I loved hearing from the prophet and apostles and I learned so much! I loved Elder Holland's closing talk especially. The way it began was amazing. It is amazing to have an apostle stand at the pulpit and ask, "Do you know... how much... we love you?" I was speechless. 

I thank you all for the support you've sent my way and I love reading how you all are doing.

I know it's short but more will come for sure.

- Elder Burgess

Masilo and I. He's a young man that is about to go on his mission and has joined us for the majority of our lessons for the past 2 1/2 months. I'll miss this kid. 

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

The glass is half full.

If you have a moment, please email Cameron an uplifting thought from General Conference. Thank you. Enjoy your week, everyone! - Kimberli


This past week hasn't been the greatest. There were several cancellations and plans just haven't gone according to plans. Regardless of that, I've been optimistic. This is the last week of the transfer and I plan to make it count!

I have had some good come from this week though. First would be watching people progress. There's different speeds and levels of progression in everyone. Some progress very fast and find accepting the gospel very easy. Others may have a hard time with a point or two and then some just need to take it slow. One such has been Sister Bessy. Sister Bessy's whole family has found interest in the gospel and the Book of Mormon especially. While yes, they have interest and desire to be saved, they just need things to come slowly to them. But I'm hopeful they'll continue to progress, especially the mother. She's intrigued and loves learning and out of the whole family, has the least conflict with the gospel.

I've loved being on my mission so far. I love being able to see who is ready and who needs time. Sometimes I come across someone and think "They have great potential" but then a thought comes to me saying, "It isn't their time." Which is okay! It can take people several encounters with the gospel before their heart is softened. The Lord knows us all and what's best for us. 

I'm so thankful for this gospel. I'm so thankful for having such a strong support behind me of so many faithful saints. Thank you all for your love and support, know it is greatly appreciated. 

- Elder Burgess

Here's a picture of what they call "Jesus Mountain"... I'll let you guess why. People here may not have the fullness yet, but they love Jesus Christ.

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

The hard, the good, and the emus.

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Hello Everyone,

So life in Mokopane has been good. There's rough patches here and there but it's been good. We'll start with the hard parts so as to end nicely, sound good? Awesome.

So the hardships this week have definitely been watching people see the truth and then turn away. Whether it's from choosing their sins or not wanting to commit to bettering themselves, it's still depressing. But I'll keep going because there is still those that know this is true. 

We have Barak's (the nine year old boy) baptism in two weeks and I'm excited. He's progressed so well, he's even finished the Book of Mormon stories book! He can recall and tell you all about the majority of the stories, it's wonderful!

Second on the good list is our investigator, sister Bessy. We've had some good moments with Bessy and her family. They all love the Book of Mormon and read it like a novel. We've been reading it with them and helping them to understand the different words. We've been going with one chapter but last time Bessy's mom, sister Mabeba, insisted that we read the next chapter because she wanted to know what happened next. It was wonderful! I love Mokopane and the people. There's wonderful people here and I've learned a lot from them. I can't wait to see the other areas that I'll go to. If they're like this one my mission will go by instantly and I won't want to leave!

Mission life is trying, yes, but I'm growing from it. As part of training I took over as the leader for the area last week. It was interesting and definitely a learning experience.

Keep your heads up and remember that the Savior is there for all of us. We may find Him directly or through other people. Be constantly vigilant for His hand in your life.

Love you all,

- Elder Burgess

Some friends of a member have pet emus. Couldn't resist taking a photo.