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Tuesday, April 5, 2016

The hard, the good, and the emus.

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Hello Everyone,

So life in Mokopane has been good. There's rough patches here and there but it's been good. We'll start with the hard parts so as to end nicely, sound good? Awesome.

So the hardships this week have definitely been watching people see the truth and then turn away. Whether it's from choosing their sins or not wanting to commit to bettering themselves, it's still depressing. But I'll keep going because there is still those that know this is true. 

We have Barak's (the nine year old boy) baptism in two weeks and I'm excited. He's progressed so well, he's even finished the Book of Mormon stories book! He can recall and tell you all about the majority of the stories, it's wonderful!

Second on the good list is our investigator, sister Bessy. We've had some good moments with Bessy and her family. They all love the Book of Mormon and read it like a novel. We've been reading it with them and helping them to understand the different words. We've been going with one chapter but last time Bessy's mom, sister Mabeba, insisted that we read the next chapter because she wanted to know what happened next. It was wonderful! I love Mokopane and the people. There's wonderful people here and I've learned a lot from them. I can't wait to see the other areas that I'll go to. If they're like this one my mission will go by instantly and I won't want to leave!

Mission life is trying, yes, but I'm growing from it. As part of training I took over as the leader for the area last week. It was interesting and definitely a learning experience.

Keep your heads up and remember that the Savior is there for all of us. We may find Him directly or through other people. Be constantly vigilant for His hand in your life.

Love you all,

- Elder Burgess

Some friends of a member have pet emus. Couldn't resist taking a photo.

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