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Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Hold on to your testimony.

I hope you all had a very memorable Easter. Remember that this coming weekend is General Conference! Let's all be prepared to be enlightened. Here's this week's message from our boy. No photos this week but we'll see what next week brings. -Kimberli

Hello Everyone,

I hope you've been enjoying your Easter Holidays. It hasn't really felt like Easter for me without my family's traditions but that's okay. I hope you've all been able to enjoy your chocolate but that you haven't forgotten the true meaning of Easter. Please never forget the Savior and what He has done for us all.

This past week hasn't been very exciting. We've just been teaching and getting some disappointment. People aren't really progressing. They love what we have to say but once we ask them to do something they're gone. 

We have had a good time with Barak though. He's 9 years old and has his baptism set for April 17! I'm so excited! At first we had a hard time teaching him but now he's progressing very well and his English and social skills have improved! Elder Saiah made a profound statement last night about how he couldn't understand how a 9 year old has found that this gospel is changing him and improving his life significantly but others couldn't. I agree fully. It's sad how people are choosing to dwindle in unbelief.

Well I thank you all for your prayers, It means a lot to know that I have so many people rooting for me!

I encourage you all to reflect on your faith and your testimony. I've discovered this week that a testimony is very powerful. You don't have to be a super genius or know the gospel inside out, but if you know in your heart that these things are true then you can work wonders. Please look for how you can build that testimony.

Thanks again and until next Monday,

- Elder Burgess

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