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Monday, March 14, 2016

Singing in the (pouring) rain!

Thank you for the continued support for Cameron! -Kimberli

Hello to you all!

So it's finally been raining here! We've really needed it and it has sure come down! Tuesday we started riding the bikes around and after our last appointment it was pouring. The moment we stepped outside we were drenched from head to toe! Today even the streets are rivers. I'm so happy we have the bakkie (truck) or else we'd be rowing down the streets!! Haha!

This week hasn't been too eventful though. We've been able to find some new investigators and we also lost a few. We have a new sister that was given the Book of Mormon a few months back. She's read it and loves Jesus now. So when she ran into us she recognized the name of the Church and asked us to visit. We went and started reading the Book of Mormon with her. She's very nice and fun.

Other than that I just have a slightly wild story. So we had Zone meeting up in Tzaneen, which meant that my district needed to drive up. Elder Saiah and I rode with the new Zone Leader, Elder Woniala. Side note, he's a wonderful elder and guy. Anyways, the other Zone Leader said that him and his companion would drive up. This was a bit concerning because his companion is very new on his mission, like just a few days. And he's only been driving manual for a very short while. Well on the way back home we get a call from them saying that their car is stuck in 5th gear. So eventually we get them to pull over so that they wouldn't die in the middle of the road. The stick was completely loose... I'm not sure if it was from elders being too rough with the car or if the new elder didn't push in the clutch far enough but the car was shot.

Sorry, not too much this week. Know I love you all and I appreciate your prayers.

- Elder Burgess

My bike tried to eat me...

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