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Thursday, March 3, 2016

Knowledge is powerful.

Hi guys! So sorry this post was delayed-my fault. Moving has been hectic this week. Next week his email will be up on Monday. Please enjoy Cameron's update! 

Hello to you all!

Life here in Limpopo, South Africa is going well. It's been a bit harder of a week though. Plans haven't been going very accordingly. We met with President on Tuesday for training. They wanted to see how trainers and trainees have been doing this transfer. Things have been good for me and my companion but I'm not so sure about the other new missionaries. It went pretty well but the meeting was in Pretoria so we drove a lot that day.

Thursday I received my first package, which was hand delivered by the new senior couples, Elder and Sister Hall. My parents were able to meet them and give them my license, letters and some things that could help. It was really cool having it hand delivered. I'll be honest though, it made me miss you all. I hope you're all doing well. Friends and family are so very important and that's why I'm here, to bring them together. I want to have all those I care about, and all those I love, with me in the next life. I want everyone to have that chance also. I'm here to share the gospel and help others in progressing with the plan that our Heavenly Father has given us. 

I also had another baptism! it was for Sister Crystal. Her husband is the one that has been a member for 10 years. Yesterday he baptized his daughter and wife. I'm so happy for him! Seeing families being brought together has been such a blessing in my life.

I've learned so much on my mission and I've even learned about learning. Please read D & C 88: 77-80. It talks of learning, both in the gospel and things we learn from our lives on this Earth. There's also a surprising commandment that I didn't see before and that's to share what we know, both in the gospel and the world. As we do this we are promised that we will learn even more. The life before this life and the life to come are all about learning. Please continue to learn with me Brothers and Sisters.

- Elder Burgess

I got a little friend from home :)

Brother Pabale with his wife, daughter and the rest of his family. So exciting to see this baptism!

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