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Thursday, February 25, 2016

Unfortunate luck.

I apologize for the late blog post. I'm moving this week so things have been busy. Here's Cameron's letter. Thank you to everyone who continually supports him. - Kimberli

Hi all!

So this past week wasn't very eventful. We've had several people skip appointments and some things come up. 

So we put the car in for service last Monday which meant we were walking for a few days. I ended up pulling a muscle and that slowed us down. Also, the sun has slowed us down. It's been really hot here, everyone says it never gets this hot here. Let's see what else.... oh yeah, I have Tonsillitis! Shortly after pulling the muscle behind my right knee I started to not feel that well. After district meeting the Gublers, senior couple in Polokwane, took me to a doctor. He said I win the prize for the worst Tonsillitis he's ever seen! But don't worry, I've been taking medicine and I'm doing very well! The Lord's work will not be slowed!

This week hasn't been the most productive but it's still seen us through. We had some great appointments and people are accepting the gospel. We've begun to make a little progress with Lucas, the pastor, which I hope continues. 

We also have a new investigator, her name is Taffy. It's a shortened name of course. She's new in town and found our church because she doesn't speak the local languages. It's the only English speaking church. She's 24, very out going and I hope she continues to pursue the truth. She's curious about the origin of the church, because she's never heard of it, which is wonderful because that's where we begin teaching! The only problem with her is she works a lot! But I'm hopeful.

Nothing too exciting, as I said, but please rely on the Lord and His Atonement. Normally when I get sick like this I'm out for a few days but I've never been more active! And I know it's because of the Lord's Atonement!

I love you all and please don't take any offense when I say I've found a new home. I love it here and I love my mission.

-Elder Burgess

Here's a funny sign that hangs at the shopping mall near us!

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