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Monday, February 1, 2016

Under water...

Here's Cameron's update for the week :) It's a new month! Happy February. Enjoy!

Family & Friends -

I had an amazing opportunity to attend Mission Tour with Elder Cook. He's the Area Seventy over all of Southern Africa. We had an amazing discussion with him!! But when we got to the church, it was flooded. The building's water was shut off and someone left on a faucet, so when the water came back on, *boom!* flood. We cleaned up what we could and had someone come and vacuum all the water up. It was actually quite fun. 

The Tour was held 2 hours from me (I've been driving a lot!) in a town called Tzaneen. When you think of Africa and the places where it's really green mountains and beautiful fog everywhere... that's Tzaneen. It's amazing!! Oh and instead of cattle crossing signs they have hippo crossing signs! I didn't get to see any though.... 

I also had the chance to have my first exchange. I was with Elder Lybe, the Zone Leader. He's a cool guy and we had a great time!! He's from California so we had a little more in common than other elders, haha! 

I've been having a wonderful time! The people at times are difficult, but you just keep pushing on! I also kinda forgot to say something last week... I had my first baptism Sunday!! It was so cool! Her name is Celia and although her English isn't the best, she loves God and his Church so much!

I've been striving to be an obedient missionary and it blesses you so much more!! I love Africa, I love the people, I love the food, I love God and I love his church.

I apologize if I don't write many of you, I'm rushing off to a district activity. We're going to go tour one of the soccer stadiums they used in the world cup. 

Love you all! 

Stay close to God and thank him for all you have, because it was His to give you!

- Elder Burgess

Elder & Sister Cook

Elder Saiah, Celia, her grandma and myself

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  1. Elder Burgess. What a great-looking missionary you are!! Judy and I so proud to know you, and pray daily for success in finding people who hunger for the Lord's gospel. It's been 35 years since two missionaries came to our door in Idaho, and just look what happened because of that knock on our door! We know each other because of that, and we all love the gospel. What could be better!?! I wish we we had made it to the southern parts of Africa when we lived "down under" but we are enjoying seeing and hearing about your experiences as a missionary and voyager in this wonderful part of the Lord's Kingdom. May you continue to be blessed.
    Love from Judy and Richard Wilkinson