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Tuesday, January 26, 2016

"You're driving!" right into the mission field!

Dear family and friends of Cameron! We've heard from our boy. Please email Cameron a short and encouraging message. Wether it be something that inspired you during your personal scripture study or a great thought from church. His email is cameron.burgess@myldsmail.net. 

For those of you that do this, I know he would really appreciate your support. He has now been in the mission field for a week. And here is what he has to say:

Hello to you all!

I'm currently in Mokopane (pronounced Mo Ko Paw Nee). It's a beautiful area. It's a small town with a township in the area. I've continued to adjust and I'm beginning to love the area. So thus far I've just been getting to know people and teaching lessons. The moment I got here they handed me the keys and said "You're driving!". It's a manual! I'm so thankful for Adam Aguillon for helping me to become a better driver with manual. So we hop in the car right as I get there and drive about 60 kilometers to another area! I've been thrown into it and told to "Survive!". Props to those that get that, haha! But teaching here has been amazing and I've seen so much love for the Lord here!

Life here is different, but the people are amazing! My new Companion is Elder Saiah, he's been out for 3 months but is still a good trainer. He's from Johannesburg, SA. But what's cool is his mom is Zulu and his dad is from India! He's nice. His accent is sometimes hard to understand though. It's quite nice having him. He knows the native languages well enough so that he can talk to just about anyone! 

Something I've learned here is these people are amazing! They're so kind and inviting and family is everything to them. They may have nothing but if they have their family, they're content. And those in the gospel are even more grateful. It's made me appreciate my family even more. So to all my family, I love you and I appreciate you so much.

A note to you all...

Go to the temple. If you have a recommend, go! Everyone here wishes to go to the Temple and the fact that we have so many so close by, but we don't go... It's just so sad. So Please go.

Farewell for now! 

Oh, please look up 1 Nephi 17:13. It gave me inspiration to keep going this week and it gave me hope, so hopefully it does that for you too!

- Elder Burgess


For Letters Sent Through Pouch: Letters using the Church’s pouch system are limited to a single sheet of paper, folded into thirds and taped on the top edge only. No envelopes, no pictures, no money, etc are allowed.
Packages should be labeled “Missionary Supplies” and valued less than $30 US to avoid high custom charges.  When sending letters and packages through the USPS or your regular country mail system, mail to:
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If you have any questions about mailing letters or packages, please contact Cameron's parents or sister for details. Thank you!
cherylcburgess@gmail.com (Cheryl)
almaburgess@gmail.com (Alma)
kjb.erickson@gmail.com (Kimberli)

Elder Saiah, his new companion and trainer

Elder & Sister Wilson - Cameron's Mission President & his wife

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