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Thursday, January 14, 2016

Life in the MTC

Hey guys :) we heard from Cameron today. He wrote:

Hello everyone! 

So my first week has been something else. Africa really doesn't look that different from other parts of the world... from what I've seen. I've mostly been cooped up in the MTC. I've been having some great experiences though!! I've learned so much, especially from the Spirit. 

So some stories!

When it rains, it rains hard! It wasn't raining and within seconds it was. The sound was like thunder! People were telling me that it doesn't rain that hard here and that the rains were very late!

A good funny story!

One of the Elders, Elder Reid, was taking a shower and he was just turning the hot water on. The water wasn't really heating though. He kept turning the knob. The knob then fell off, sending a blast of water like a firehose at him! Scalding hot water! He ran straight out of the shower and into his adjoining room. His companion and roommates received quite the surprise! Haha! It's all good though. Everyone laughs about it, especially Elder Reid. 

Life at the MTC:

It's been different than regular life. Class after class, after class, lunch, more classes and so forth. But I'm adjusting and enjoying being able to focus so strongly on the spirit. This experience has given me great blessings already. 

I have two companions, Elder Phillips and Elder Martinho (I doubt you'll pronounce that correctly). Elder Phillips is from Rigby, Idaho and Elder Martinho is from Mozambique, Africa. It's been hard communicating with Elder Martinho. He's only been using English for a few months and he is deaf. He has a cochlear implant to help him hear but it's very difficult at times. What little sign language I know has come in handy! Talk about kind of a double wammy with the communication, eh? But he has a very strong testimony!

Oh! I got to go to the Temple! It is a very small temple for sure! But the same gospel. It was the same session and the same peace. I love the opportunity to serve this mission. It won't be easy, but it will be an amazing 2.3% of my life (estimating of course). 

Thank you all for supporting me! I will continue to write and I will do my best to tell you of my experiences. It is so different from being there though!

Keep me in your prayers continually.

Elder Cameron Burgess

Elder Phillips, Elder Martinho and I 

The MTC missionaries in front of the Johannesburg Temple

Elder Schnepf's Birthday

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