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Friday, January 8, 2016

Touchdown on African soil!

We've heard from Cameron! He has safely landed in Johannesburg, South Africa. His flight was a nonstop 16 1/2 hours long. His roommate is named Elder Phillips. So far his report is that "it's hot" in Africa, a whopping 113 degrees. He wrote the following: 


I'm now in South Africa! Come to find out the flight I took is considered the longest flight in the world! That's probably the flight back. But still, check that off my bucket list (after I put it on that is). 

So the flight wasn't too terrible, just long and not the most comfortable. I know I had angels watching over me for sure. I've been traveling with several elders, the majority of the MTC (except for those from Africa), who arrived this morning. The elders from the US, including myself, arrived last night. 

After arriving in the Airport I realized it's hot...like really hot. The temperature isn't that bad but when you're coming from below freezing temperatures, it's hot! According to the nurses it's the hottest it's been in years. It's also a bit more humid than Utah. Not too much for today. I did just get here ;) but I do have pictures.

- Elder Cameron Burgess

The Johannesburg Airport

The Johannesburg MTC

My roommate, Elder Phillips. Harry Potter fans should get the reference in this photo.

One view from the MTC


  1. This is cousin Sarah, just in case you have no idea who is writing this. This is so amazing Elder Burgess, aka Cameron, gets to serve two years in Africa. I am so happy for you Elder Burgess, and I hope you have a safe and enjoyable time in Africa.