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Monday, March 27, 2017

Life in Namibia

Hello to you all. 

So this past week was interesting. We had transfers and it didn't go according to plan. The guys leaving left Monday evening and the guys coming in were supposed to come Tuesday evening, but they didn't. We got news on Tuesday that they wouldn't be coming until Thursday because Tuesday was a public holiday. It was Namibia's Independence Day, but I'll tell you this, Namibia can't even compete with the 4th of July. Sorry Namibia.

So on Tuesday we had all the Namibia elders go and play soccer with the Windhoek District (The members and their friends). It was really fun! The remainder of the week was hectic though. We didn't get a chance to visit many people but we had some fun. On Friday we had a combined District Meeting with the Swakopmund elders and I got to see some old companions, Elder Saiah and Elder Malemo. Elder Saiah is serving in Swakopmund and Elder Malemo is serving in Windhoek. It was cool to see them again.

On Saturday we had a lot of fun. We went hiking for a priesthood combined activity in the morning. We just went to the same "mountain" we went to last time, but it was fun to be with all the elders. After that we had a braai (bar-b-que) and then went to see Jake. 

I can't remember if I told you about Jake, but he's a cool guy. He's from Angola and just here schooling. He's beginning to grow a greater interest in the Book of Mormon and I hope he continues to progress. Then Saturday Evening we had a going away party for The Kashihakumwa Family who are moving to Rexburg, Idaho so Brother Kashihakumwa can further his schooling. He was in the District Presidency and he will be missed. I'll get to visit him though!

So yeah, an eventful week for sure. I hope you all have a great week!

- Elder Burgess

While we were hiking, some older guys were climbing the hill as well... But in vehicles! It was pretty cool!

Here is the Kashihakumwa family. The far left in white is Brother Charles and the lady in blue is his wife. The three kids between them are theirs.

Monday, March 20, 2017

Do you smell fish?

Hi everyone. This won't be too long because it's transfers and a bit of transfers is happening today.

Life is good and this week wasn't great. People didn't really want to see us, but people did want to feed us! We were fed quite a bit and well it's been nice. 

As I said it's transfers. Nothing exciting for me, I'm in the same area, still with Elder Ndlovu. It's okay, I like Wanaheda and Elder Ndlovu is a great guy. This will officially be my longest time in an area (7 1/2 months) and with a companion (4 1/2 months). The sad thing is the elders that are leaving Namibia. I've really come to love these guys and some I'll never see again while here. But that's life as a missionary!

Oh! Highlight. Yesterday - Sunday, Ottilie, our recent convert, gave her first talk!! She was so nervous but she did very well!! It was quite a moment. She spoke on how Relief Society teaches charity.

Speaking of Relief Society, it was the 175th anniversary since it had been formed so happy birthday.

But as I said, I don't have much time. I'm doing very well and I'll continue to serve the Lord. I wish you all the best,

- Elder Burgess

So the other elders wanted sushi. As most people know about me, I'm not a fish or seafood fan, but I thoroughly enjoyed my bit of sushi. Trying new things is nice.

Monday, March 13, 2017

Stay tuned for next week...


So I hope you all have had a great week. I've enjoyed mine.

Let's start from Monday eh?

So Monday was fun with the elders, playing soccer and chilling at the chapel. That evening we went to a member's home for FHE. I shared John 11 and related it to the resurrection. I feel it was a good lesson.

Tuesday was an okay day, kinda the bummer of the week. I've already established that earlier in life though. Tuesday is by far the worst day of the week. Period. I did find a great quote about mothers, but I'll save that one for Mother's Day 😉!  Wednesday we put Cecyllia on date!! I'm so excited about this one! She's golden! She loves the church and the Book of Mormon and she's become a great friend to me! I don't know if I'll be here though when she's baptized. But at least hearing about her baptism will be great! 

Thursday... Nothing really exciting, just cancelled appointments and what not. Friday for District Meeting we discussed what we each learned at Zone Meeting, Zone Conference and District Conference. It was really insightful! We finished the day in the area and we were able to see Mbaruku, who we haven't seen for a while, so that was good.

Saturday I must give a shout out to my District Leader for turning 20!!

Sunday was a good Sabbath of prayer and fast and testimony. I've enjoyed this past week and this one will be interesting. I'll find out if I'm leaving my area on Saturday and transfers are on the following Tuesday, so don't worry, you'll hear about it!

See ya'll later...okay talk later...

- Elder Burgess

Here's a great view of Windhoek!

This is a museum we went to today. I couldn't resist the pose when I found a cannon. 

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Conferences, conferences...

Hey Everyone! 

I hope all is well and that this past week has been a good one! This past week for me has been eventful. Not too much happened until the weekend though, so I guess I can say I had an eventful weekend. We had Zone Conference on Friday. Zone Conference went well and many great things were shared. They were mostly showing us how there's a bigger picture for those we teach so we shouldn't judge them. Elder Hawkins, our fleet manager, talked about how all of this is in preparation for the future. We must be able to teach people here and prepare them for when Christ comes again but he expressed that our greatest responsibility in teaching will be to our children. It was very nicely put and quite nice. Of course that won't be for a while but prepare now, right?!

After Zone Conference we had interviews, but President Chadambuka had to run and get Elder Van Reenen from the airport, so we hung out at the church house waiting for him. In that mean time we played soccer! It was so fun! We played in the gym and just as we begin, it starts pouring outside!!! It poured for the whole time we were playing and on into the night! We're very fortunate to have gotten so much rain this weekend. After soccer, we cooled down and waited for our own interviews. That's when we played 30 seconds, which is pretty much Taboo for South Africa. It was so fun! All in all Zone Conference was awesome!!

On Sunday we had District Conference. We were so lucky because we had Elder Jacques A. Van Reenen, an area seventy,  and Elder S. Mark Palmer of the Seventy. Both these men, I must testify, are called of God. They spoke with such great power and authority it was unreal! And the great thing is we get to have them come for a mission tour in April! I'm so excited!!!!

I'm so blessed to be here in Namibia! Well I hope this coming week is as good as this past week was, Cheers!

- Elder Burgess

Me at District Conference.

Here's our District, minus the Swakopmund Branch because they're far.