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Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Conferences, conferences...

Hey Everyone! 

I hope all is well and that this past week has been a good one! This past week for me has been eventful. Not too much happened until the weekend though, so I guess I can say I had an eventful weekend. We had Zone Conference on Friday. Zone Conference went well and many great things were shared. They were mostly showing us how there's a bigger picture for those we teach so we shouldn't judge them. Elder Hawkins, our fleet manager, talked about how all of this is in preparation for the future. We must be able to teach people here and prepare them for when Christ comes again but he expressed that our greatest responsibility in teaching will be to our children. It was very nicely put and quite nice. Of course that won't be for a while but prepare now, right?!

After Zone Conference we had interviews, but President Chadambuka had to run and get Elder Van Reenen from the airport, so we hung out at the church house waiting for him. In that mean time we played soccer! It was so fun! We played in the gym and just as we begin, it starts pouring outside!!! It poured for the whole time we were playing and on into the night! We're very fortunate to have gotten so much rain this weekend. After soccer, we cooled down and waited for our own interviews. That's when we played 30 seconds, which is pretty much Taboo for South Africa. It was so fun! All in all Zone Conference was awesome!!

On Sunday we had District Conference. We were so lucky because we had Elder Jacques A. Van Reenen, an area seventy,  and Elder S. Mark Palmer of the Seventy. Both these men, I must testify, are called of God. They spoke with such great power and authority it was unreal! And the great thing is we get to have them come for a mission tour in April! I'm so excited!!!!

I'm so blessed to be here in Namibia! Well I hope this coming week is as good as this past week was, Cheers!

- Elder Burgess

Me at District Conference.

Here's our District, minus the Swakopmund Branch because they're far.

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