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Monday, October 31, 2016

Happy Day of Cavities!!

Happy Birthday, Conrad!!! (my nephew) and... Happy Halloween!!!

I can't believe it's Halloween!! It's a shame that they don't celebrate it here in Nam.

So this past week has been pretty good. I'm surprised it's gone in all honesty. Monday night we went to the Desousas' place for FHE. We had a good lesson and played spoons with them. Then on Tuesday I went on exchanges with our District Leader, Elder Reynolds. Elder Reynolds is from Vernal Utah. He's a cool guy, kinda quiet though. There's something about me and exchanges, I swear I'm cursed. Every time I have an exchange things just go wrong. Appointments cancel, no one picks up, and things just don't go to plan. But, every time, the day ends up being great!! Funny how it works out.

On Thursday we went and saw Brother Felis, a father-led we just found. This man is out to correct the world. It was probably one of the most frustrating appointments ever!! He wanted answers and if the bible didn't state it clearly, word for word, he'd dispute it. Then he starts telling us that our problem is that we don't think... I'm quite happy with how we handled the situation. We calmly testified with scriptures and eventually left, fuming on the inside but knowing full well that we kept the Spirit with us. 

On Sunday we had a beautiful Sunday and a District Fireside. Elder and Sister Gatten, Public Affairs missionaries for the area office, came and spoke on social media. They spoke about how everyone should be using social media to spread the church to "Bring the Church out of Obscurity". It's a big goal for our mission. But I got thinking and decided that we need to do this everywhere. So my challenge for you is to share the Church over social media. 

My last challenge is on missionary work. We need missionaries. The world needs missionaries!! So please come! Young men, prepare yourselves now. Be ready and excited. It's a wonderful time. Sisters, if you're not sure, pray earnestly to seek the answer. Everyone knows that Sisters have the strongest testimonies. And lastly, Senior Couples. There is a great shortage in couple missionaries. We need you!!! The world needs you!!

I'm thankful for all that I've been able to learn and for your love and prayers. I would also like to thank Doug Archibald. Doug passed away a week and a half ago and I would just like to thank him for his dedication in this life to raising wonderful children and being a great example and addition to the world. Doug, thank you. You will be missed. My heart and prayers go to his family. I love you all and I'm grateful for having you all in my life.

Until next week Friends and Family!

- Elder Burgess

We went for a hike Saturday. It was beautiful and really windy!

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

The family is ordained of God.

Hello Everyone!!!

So this week has just flown by! We have had an eventful week with many lessons. We've been visiting this lady named 'Nanal'. She's the Branch President's daughter and has been investigating for a little while now. Before, her knowledge of the church was built by the internet and all the messed up views that the world has of Joseph Smith. Luckily she started to see that she needed an open mind. She's very concerned about her family's well being and wants the greatest life for them. The funny irony is she's married to a member who's super less active. The church has been around her forever! She's been really involved and really attentive. She's a great sister and now her sons have been joining us. They have also been attending church consistently. I have high hopes for them. 

We have some wonderful families in our branch. One of my favorites is the 'Desousa family'. They live just down the street from us. We've been teaching their maid, Patience. They're wonderful though!! Whenever we're nearby we stop and get a drink and they're so loving and fun. 

Another such family is the 'Katjotjo family'. They bring my story of the week. They are a younger family and have some really adorable kids. We shared with them how to share the Book of Mormon and our testimonies of it. By the end it was amazing!!! They left us with a kneeling prayer and can I just say, the family is ordained of God. Heavenly Father truly delights in the family.

Well I thank you all for your love and kindness and I hope you have a great week!

- Elder Burgess

The Namibian sun is hot but gives some really beautiful sunsets!!

Monday, October 17, 2016

It's an oven out here.

Hello Everyone!! 

Life is doing well. This past week was good, just very hot! Namibia is definitely a desert. I've been getting to know the area a lot better this past week. We've been able to meet some wonderful people and do some great things. 

Every week we visit a soup kitchen and help feed children. It was so cool to be a part of that!! The kids were all so kind and it was just a great feel! I'll attach pictures. So we arrived and waited for the kids. I got put on dish duty. It wasn't that bad though. 

I'm kinda not sure what to share... 

Elder Mosweswe and I are getting along and working on getting the area to grow. 

Oh interesting story. So in our area, Wanaheda, there are two companionships and we both had cars. So you know what happened to our car (still no news on our car). But now the other elders' car just broke down today... Namibia just hasn't liked missionaries. We'll keep going though. Looks like we're all walking!!

Sorry there's not much but I'll attach a couple pictures and they're worth a thousand words!! 

Thank you to you all!!

- Elder Burgess

Elder Hamilton and I are ready to serve! And serve the food. 

The kids just kept coming.

Monday, October 10, 2016

Namibia - a new adventure

Hello to you all.

We flew out for Namibia Tuesday night and didn't arrive until around 11. Namibia thus far is pretty great. It's a desert though! There's just a lot of sand and vast expanses of nothing. Surprisingly, there is a lot of hills. My new companion is Elder Mosweswe. He's from Botswana and he's only been out for 3 months. He's a great guy and a good worker.

So adventures started right off the bat. After we arrived we went to bed. Wednesday morning though, the games began. The work is good this side. The members are involved in missionary work, mostly because there hasn't been missionaries here. Right now there are 10 missionaries in all of Namibia. There are 5 branches but missionaries are only with 3. I'm serving in Weneheda. The other areas are Katutura and Windhoek. They're all close to Windhoek but there is a branch on the coast and up north. President is hoping to send missionaries there soon. It's kind of daunting having only 10 missionaries in a country...

So an interesting story this week was a great prank. Day one we visit an investigator named Flaviano. He starts in on The Book of Mormon and how the Bible says no additions. We do our best to explain and get him to read...then Sunday came. Sunday morning we arrive at 11:45 for correlation (our church starts at 1) and we see Flaviano. Then he joins us in correlation.... Sure enough the guy is a member and one good actor.

Oh and then I had a car...had... I drove it for one day and it quit. It had just come out of the shop for service and now the engine has practically gone kaputs... looks like I'm walking. 

I've been enjoying my mission greatly and Namibia is such an exciting step. I'm so happy to be here! 

- Elder Burgess

My new companion, Elder Mosweswe, and I.

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Crossing borders.

So a lot has happened this past week! But sadly, not much work...

On Tuesday, I had an interview with President Chadambuka. It was kinda funny but also a little sad. What made it so, was the fact that he didn't even know that I'd been in Limpopo for 9 months, let alone, Lenyenye for 6 months. Well after his initial shock he proceeds to say, "Well, I haven't heard anything..." then he paused briefly, "bad about you." Then He tells Elder Malemo he hadn't really heard anything about me, good or bad... Ah well, looks like I'm flying under the radar!

Because of the time of my interview we were only able to have one lesson and give a blessing. Wednesday came around shortly with Zone Conference. Zone Conference was really great actually. I learned a lot of great ideas to better the work. 

This whole week was disturbed though, by Transfers. So Transfer news came in on Saturday and you're not going to believe where I'm going!?! 

I'm..... STAYING!!! Bummer I know. Lenyenye is great though, it's a shame I'm actually leaving...

Yes folks, I'm leaving Limpopo. In fact, I'm leaving South Africa. I'm going to...


I can't believe how fortunate I am!! Going to Namibia is a real treat! There were only 6 elders in Namibia and when I go over, there will be 10. They're opening two new areas. I believe my area was already existing. It's called Wanaheda. It's right outside of the capital, Windhoek. Wish me luck!! I'm not sure when I fly out though. 

As excited as I am, I am sad to leave. There's a lot of people I've gotten close to here but, it's part of life. A change of scenery will be nice. The worst part though, Namibia is HOT!!! Wish me luck!

- Elder Burgess

Elder Bagoole and I were on exchanges when we took this photo. Funny enough we're both going to Namibia. Here we go!!

I thought I'd send these too. This is when we did service for a less active family on Saturday. I climbed the tree and was chopping limbs with Brother Wally, the one in Orange. That bit of blue is me.

Here is the Lenyenye District, AKA my roommates on our last Sunday together.