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Monday, October 31, 2016

Happy Day of Cavities!!

Happy Birthday, Conrad!!! (my nephew) and... Happy Halloween!!!

I can't believe it's Halloween!! It's a shame that they don't celebrate it here in Nam.

So this past week has been pretty good. I'm surprised it's gone in all honesty. Monday night we went to the Desousas' place for FHE. We had a good lesson and played spoons with them. Then on Tuesday I went on exchanges with our District Leader, Elder Reynolds. Elder Reynolds is from Vernal Utah. He's a cool guy, kinda quiet though. There's something about me and exchanges, I swear I'm cursed. Every time I have an exchange things just go wrong. Appointments cancel, no one picks up, and things just don't go to plan. But, every time, the day ends up being great!! Funny how it works out.

On Thursday we went and saw Brother Felis, a father-led we just found. This man is out to correct the world. It was probably one of the most frustrating appointments ever!! He wanted answers and if the bible didn't state it clearly, word for word, he'd dispute it. Then he starts telling us that our problem is that we don't think... I'm quite happy with how we handled the situation. We calmly testified with scriptures and eventually left, fuming on the inside but knowing full well that we kept the Spirit with us. 

On Sunday we had a beautiful Sunday and a District Fireside. Elder and Sister Gatten, Public Affairs missionaries for the area office, came and spoke on social media. They spoke about how everyone should be using social media to spread the church to "Bring the Church out of Obscurity". It's a big goal for our mission. But I got thinking and decided that we need to do this everywhere. So my challenge for you is to share the Church over social media. 

My last challenge is on missionary work. We need missionaries. The world needs missionaries!! So please come! Young men, prepare yourselves now. Be ready and excited. It's a wonderful time. Sisters, if you're not sure, pray earnestly to seek the answer. Everyone knows that Sisters have the strongest testimonies. And lastly, Senior Couples. There is a great shortage in couple missionaries. We need you!!! The world needs you!!

I'm thankful for all that I've been able to learn and for your love and prayers. I would also like to thank Doug Archibald. Doug passed away a week and a half ago and I would just like to thank him for his dedication in this life to raising wonderful children and being a great example and addition to the world. Doug, thank you. You will be missed. My heart and prayers go to his family. I love you all and I'm grateful for having you all in my life.

Until next week Friends and Family!

- Elder Burgess

We went for a hike Saturday. It was beautiful and really windy!

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