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Monday, July 17, 2017

Superstitious caves and expired visas!

Hello everyone!! This past week was interesting here in Moleps.

So we had exchanges Monday, so I drove in and that evening we went to President Mangenela's for dinner, which we cooked. It was quite fun. Then the next morning the exchange started. So Elder Griffey, the District leader and my temporary companion, was having a dilemma, his visa expired, the following day on Wednesday. 

Immigration was still processing his extension so we had to stay in Gaborone. We went in the morning but they said come after lunch, so we went and talked to people getting referrals for the other elders and went back. Upon arriving they told us it wasn't done and to come back in the morning; they included that they would not deport Elder Griffey for one day. So we rushed to Moleps, went tracting, found a couple more people, attended PEC, then drove back to Gabs. Needless to say, I was very tired. So the following morning we woke up and drove in early so we could check and thankfully they were done, so I didn't have to deport my district leader.

The rest of the week went by fast. This week for district meeting we were able to get into the parking lot... yeah we sat on the curb and held our meeting.

Saturday was pretty great. It was a day of service. First we cut a tree, drastically, and then did yard work for another member. It was great, two service projects! Then we had some appointments. The following day was a blessing of the Sabbath.

Church was wonderful. I helped pass the sacrament and then a member gave a talk on the sacrament. In the morning we only had 1 scheduled appointment, but by the end of the day we had 5 lessons, one of which was on the sacrament. I had a wonderful reminder of that beautiful ordinance not once, not twice, but three times. It was very nice. I hope you all had a good long thought about the sacrament and what it means as you sat reverently in your chapel. I know I did.

And then today we went to a cave that some say is related to witch craft... I just saw a hole with some bats in it. It was still cool!

Well I'm still kicking, and this week we have Zone Conference and our Zone Activity, so more stories to follow!

- Elder Burgess

Me, majestically in the tree I mutilated.

Photos at the cave!

Monday, July 10, 2017

Hymn 192

So Molepolole is doing a bit better. Things are starting to turn around. We now have two investigators on date, Festus and Onalenna. They're a mother and son. They were actually taught clear back in 2012 but never baptized so hopefully things will change.

I received a cool email from my father ( happy birthday shout out to him for yesterday!) today about an article on how non-native missionaries are now in Botswana after nearly 4 years! Now, I wasn't the first group but I came not long after them. I thought it was pretty cool to hear.

Life is treating me pretty well.

So this past week we had exchanges. I was with Elder Mapolanka. He's a great elder. He helped us in finding a couple more investigators! The day went well with him, we even taught another prophet. Molepolole has so many prophets!!

But yes, this week I've driven from Moleps to Gabs many times. On Friday we drove in for district meeting but we ended up not having it because the elders that came into Bots just before me were working on renewing their visas. We'll find out today if they went through. It was a pain of a process though. We'll see what happens with me though.

Things are good here, no complaints. The area is improving and the work is picking up. I'm grateful to be a part of this great work. 

I know that our Savior lives. I know He and our Father love us. I've really come to know these things, not just hope or believe. We had shared a message with Brother Kema based off of hymn 192. For me, it was a moment in which the Spirit truly testified to me, "This is true". It was indescribable. 

I hope you all have a great week!
- Elder Burgess

Elder Burgess & Elder Mapolanka

A small friend I found in my bedroom. He was safely evicted. 

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Oh what a beautiful morning!

Hiya people!!

I hope you're all doing well, I am. This past week has flown, yet again. The area is getting there. We have a few more investigators and a few more potentials. We even had a couple investigators at church! 

We had a good week, nothing too exciting or dramatic though. There was a funny on Friday though. We got locked out of the chapel so we had to have our district meeting in the car. It was still spiritual but painful after some time.

Sunday was a magnificent day. As many know, it was fast Sunday and for me, I've come to really love fast Sunday. It's always a time in which I feel closer to God. I feel he's really listening, really there. I know, God loves us. I know, that He sent His son, Jesus Christ. And I know, that Jesus Christ suffered for us. Not just our sins, but our pains and our sorrows too. This gospel is something else, and I'm so grateful to be a part of it.

Life here in Molepolole is getting there. I'm getting more settled and getting to know the area well. I realized I haven't given too much as of late. Molepolole is a village about 40 kilometers from the capitol of Botswana, Gaborone. It's quite flat in landscape but being a village it is bumpy and rocky. The people here are really nice and friendly, but at times quiet. They love our Heavenly Father and Savior so much. It is a little tough working with the language barrier but for the most part, people understand English. 

My companion, Elder Motaleng, is from Francistown, Botswana. It's like the second capitol city. He's a great guy, real quiet though. I've determined I'll break his shyness, it's already improving. The crazy thing is he's never been out of Francistown until he came on his mission. Well, for Christmas he'd go to his father's home village, but that hardly counts!

But yeah, I apologize for any lack of information. If there's further questions please let me know.

I hope your coming week is a good one!
- Elder Burgess

I found a replica of the golden plates. I've decided I know why everyone in the Book of Mormon is painted so buff, those plates are heavy!

Here's district meeting in the car.

Monday, June 26, 2017

In the blink of an eye.

Hello Dear Family and Friends!!

I hope your past week was a good one. Mine was a bit better. Not too eventful though. We've just been trying to work with the members and do some finding. Thus far all is good, still getting there but it's beginning to pick up. 

We did get to go to a Botswana military base. We have some members that live there so we'll be going there occasionally. It was different from an American military base though. We drive into it and it seems like you're in a game reserve. There's just African bush everywhere! Then you find a building here and there. It wouldn't surprise me if there's lions running around there... It would definitely keep the soldiers on their toes...

Anyways, It seems to me that time is flying! It's crazy how fast this past week went. I also can't believe how fast this transfer is going... But yes, that is life, especially as a missionary. I hope you're all well and that this next week goes well.

- Elder Burgess

P.S. Sorry, no pictures. I actually haven't taken any this past week... I've also not seen any African animals, which has honestly surprised me. But I'll go to a reserve soon, don't worry!

Tuesday, June 20, 2017


Hello world!! 

Well this is crazy. I'm in Botswana and it's something else. So no missionaries have been here in Molepolole for about 10 months and they weren't even here very long. This area has been vacant for some time. 

So we got in on Wednesday night and rushed to get a little food before stores closed. Then I had to clean a bit. Dust and spiders were everywhere!! Well I cleaned around my bed and went to sleep. On Thursday we cleaned... and cleaned... and cleaned. I still didn't finish but I finished later. We then met with a brother that used to go with the missionaries when they were last here. He showed us some of the members and a bit of the area.

Molepolole is different from what I've seen. It's big though. It's a village that just goes on and on, but you can't see the end because of the trees. Oh, and Botswana is flat!! It's crazy! I can literally see forever. 

Well anyways the weekend was okay. We were able to meet the Bishop (that's right, I'm finally in a ward) and other leaders. We worked with the Elders quorum President to visit some less actives. Apparently a lot of people have gone less active since the missionaries left. It's quite sad but we're here now. It's a bit stressful actually. I'm not sure where to start honestly and I know I have my work cut out for me. But here goes!

That's about it so far. More to come.

- Elder Burgess

Elder Motaleng and I

Here's the car I'm driving and drove up from Pretoria. It's a Hyundai i20...in the village...

Our "chapel". It's a rented out building.

Monday, June 12, 2017


Hello Everyone!! 

Sorry this is going to be short. Transfers are this week so I'll just give details. So this past week was full of good news and some sad. So yeah...

I'm doing great!! I'm healthy and well. So exciting news!! Cecyllia, Lorraine and Eugene were all baptized!!! Cecyllia I've talked about, Eugene I've mentioned and Lorraine was someone I taught some months back. Not sure if you'll remember but I was ecstatic to see their baptisms!! And just before I left. 

So yes my time in Namibia has ended. I'm sad to go. I was there for 6 transfers, about a third of my mission. It was great and I'll miss those people greatly. But the news is: I'm going to
BOTSWANA!! Crazy, right?!! I'm going to a place called Molepolole. My companion will be Elder Motaleng. It's super crazy!!

But yes, I wish you all the best. I'll tell you about Botswana next week. I'll be heading there on Wednesday.

***Elder Burgess is getting behind on emails. Please keep future emails to shorter notes. I would like to read and respond but too many are coming in. Please be patient. Thank you.

Well I love you all!
- Elder Burgess

Monday, June 5, 2017

My week in review.

Hello Everyone!! I hope you're doing well. This past week has been a good one. Time is just flying though, truly it is. But yeah, the week.

Tuesday was alright. We sadly had only one appointment. Tuesdays and I still don't get along. It was with Nanal which was a decent lesson. Tuesday was definitely the let down of the week. The highlight was probably on Thursday. We had exchanges and I went with Elder Voyles, our district leader, to his area; which is really just the other half of the branch... Yeah still in Wanaheda, but it was really great. We did weekly planning and headed out. We chose Thursday so I could fill him in on the area for when Elder Ndlovu and I leave. 

Anyways, we had some good lessons and some great laughs and then headed to a dinner appointment. A sister in our branch wanted to take all four of us out, so we picked up our companions and headed out. Sister Reginald took us to a restaurant and bought us ribs and wings!! It was so good and so kind of her!! Truly, we are blessed as missionaries...and spoiled at times. 

Friday brought some interesting events. After District meeting we had a sister from the states feed us all. She's from the south and made pulled pork, coleslaw and baked beans... it was phenomenal! After that wonderful meal, we went and helped a member pack up because they're moving home to Angola. It's sad to see them go but life is change and progression. That evening we went to see a "new investigator". On Monday, we had been stopped by a lady (Katrina) who said she used to attend our church like 18 years ago or so. She wanted us to come and teach her. How it sounded was not how it was though. We believed that she was an investigator but when we get to her house and start talking and then our member present, Katrina's friend, is talking so openly about the Book of Mormon and Doctrine and Covenants and we began to become confused. So I asked if she is a member and sure enough she is. She was baptized at a young age and then moved away. The teaching will be as if she's an investigator though, we kinda have to remind her of everything! But all is well, I'm so happy she stopped us.

On Saturday we went on a hike with a family and then had a braai afterwards. It was actually pretty fun and the food was delicious. Sunday then wrapped it up with a nice fast and testimony meeting and a beautiful Sabbath. The week was truly a good one.

I really do know that our Father in Heaven loves us. I know that his Son suffered and died for us and that because of him, God's plan is complete and possible. While on the exchange with Elder Voyles, we saw a young girl and taught simply the Plan of Salvation. The Plan truly is simple: God loved us enough to send us to earth to learn and grow and become more like him. He knew we'd make mistakes so he sent his Son to be an advocate for us so that we can be forgiven and live with God again. 

God loves us more than we know. He wants us to repent and change not because He doesn't like who we are, but because He wants us to be the best we can be.

I love this gospel and I hope and pray that all of you will deepen your understanding or start your understanding of it. There's no greater source of happiness. 

Love ya'll!
- Elder Burgess

Just cooling off after the hike.

Elder Gohnert guarding the food.

Monday, May 29, 2017

Namibia is truly wonderful!

Hello people!! 

I hope all is well. This week will be a little short, sorry. We have a District activity so yeah... 

This past week was good. We have a few new investigators and they're quite promising. They're prepared for the gospel, that's for sure! I've been doing great and Namibia is doing well. Namibia is truly wonderful! I'm sad because I will be leaving this coming transfer but it's part of life... 

I'll tell you this, God loves his servants. Having been here for so long I've seen some slow times and sad but I've also seen some wonderful times. This week has been a blessing for the work that's taken place and for the people I've met. I hope you all recognize the Lord's hand in your lives. He truly does love us and truly is our Father.

Have a great week and don't worry, more will come next week!

- Elder Burgess

Monday, May 22, 2017

Happy Mother's Day 🌷

Hiya peoples!!

Sorry about last week. Since it had been Mother's Day most of the elders didn't really email for long. But I'm here now.

I have great news.... I have a car!! That's right, everything has been sorted and the car keys are in my hands. I have to admit, driving was weird where I hadn't driven in such a while... I can imagine it must be awkward for those that walk their whole mission and then go home and drive... Anyways, it's a huge blessing for sure. It's a shame that I'll be leaving Namibia this next transfer. I don't know where I'm going but they've said 5 are leaving Namibia and my group (consisting of a remaining 5) that came to Namibia, have been here the longest.

The past couple weeks were alright. Ups and downs. We had a wonderful investigator but she's moving far away. We had to bid her farewell but not without sending her with a full supply of church material of course. 

We had a great moment with a member's father on Wednesday. He invited us over because he was visiting his daughters: Sisters Sarti and Toini. He speaks no English but Toini helped translate. He wanted to meet with us because he sees what the church has done for his daughters and family. He was really appreciative and very kind. We were able to share a little with him and he expressed more thanks. It was something else and very nice.

Our meeting with Nanal this week went very well! She loved church and we were able to answer some more questions she had. She's being very open and it's great!

On Sunday, we became famous. Everyone started taking photos and they kept asking us to take photos with them. It was a fun experience.

Well I'm doing wonderfully. I'm enjoying the blessings of the Lord and life is treating me well. 

I hope you all have a great week!

- Elder Burgess

The three drivers in front of their new rides.

I was really happy to see the cars!

Monday, May 8, 2017

Tonight's menu: Mopani worms

Hello dear friends and family,

I hope your week was grand. My was pretty plain... in other words, this won't be that long.

The week has been alright. Not the greatest with appointments, just a lot of rescheduling but it happens. We did however have Nanal accept a baptismal date for the 1st of July!! Do you remember Nanal? We've been working with her for a while, she's our Branch President's daughter. Well I was super excited!! It was a good weekend though. The members, of various branches, wanted to feed all the missionaries, so I had dinner Friday, Saturday and Sunday with a few people sending us with food for the road... life is pretty nice.

A nice adventure is I finally ate Mopani worms!!! People have been telling me my whole mission that they'd cook some for me but they've never come through. But yesterday, Sister Povanhu made some!! They were chewy at first but not a great after taste. I ate them though!! 

But yeah, as I said, not a very eventful week... For your information, still no cars, but I know we're close. Walking isn't that bad. I have no room to complain. People walk the whole two years so I'm good.

Have a great week! love ya'll!
- Elder Burgess

If you look closely at the black portion on the plate, you'll see Mopani worms.

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Transfer news!

Hello Everyone! 

This past week was fantastic!! I apologize for not writing yesterday, but there's a good reason, which you'll read if you continue.

So essentially the week was alright. We were able to find a couple new investigators as we visited our investigator, Vevangapi. Her sister and her cousin were pretty interested and they've agreed to see us again. Their names are, Ukapita and Ndjivatera. Ukapita sadly isn't the greatest with English, but she's the most interested in our message.

So the this whole week was leading up to the weekend. On Friday, David was interviewed and he passed!!

Saturday rolled around and David was baptized! It was so great to see that guy in the waters of baptism! He was so excited too!! Then a little after the baptism (okay like five minutes), I had an interview with President Chadambuka. So on Saturday the excitement was David's baptism and transfer news. Saturday evening we went to the Povanhu's, some of the greatest members in the Wanaheda Branch, and enjoyed a lovely meal. We then went home and waited for transfer news. 

So here goes...*drum roll*..... I'm..... staying. Right before the news came I felt that I was staying in Wanaheda with Elder Ndlovu and I was right. Elder Ndlovu is finishing his mission and I'm most likely leaving Namibia at the end of this transfer, so it made sense. All is swell. I love the people here and leaving is going to be hard...

Sunday then came and we had the privilege of having Elder S. Mark Palmer of the Seventy join us for church. The whole day was peaceful and wonderful. But it did not compare to Monday. Monday we had our Mission Tour with Elder Palmer. We got there a quarter to 8 and studied some before it started. It was truly fantastic! The whole experience was absolutely amazing!!! Elder Palmer and President Chadambuka truly are called of God and they, and their wives, can invite the Holy Spirit in a magnificent way. Mission Tour was indescribable. 

Well I've had a great week and this next one, that we've already started, is the beginning to a new transfer. I'm excited and I hope the week goes well for you as well!

- Elder Burgess

Elder S. Mark Palmer of the Seventy and his wife.

David's Baptism day.

Monday, April 24, 2017

A piece of Africa loves you.


So This past week was pretty good. Probably the greatest thing has been the weather. Winter is on its way and it's been cooler; the nights especially. I've been able to wear my jacket and slippers... it's pretty great. Some other things, We have 4 new investigators. Our area is starting to pick up again and it's great!!

So on Wednesday we went to see a member and she invited her neighbours to join us. They're very nice but they don't speak English very well. Luckily our member can translate. Anyways their names are, Uekeriuondjera and Vijamaije... Good luck pronouncing those! Then Friday morning we went and saw a referral from a member. Her name is Dora. Dora is a bit older of a lady but a real sweet heart. She knows her Bible very well!! She understands some basic truths that so many people look over. Teaching her will be great I feel! And our last new investigator is a 9 year old named Natalia. Natalia is the daughter to a fairly new investigator as well, named Riina. Little Natalia just loves primary and can't wait to come to church again. Over all our finding this week was good.

As for the adventures, not a lot has happened. We had a braai (bar-b-que) with the missionaries on Saturday but it didn't end well for me. I hadn't really eaten throughout the day and then I drank a ton of juice, so I got a little sick. But by today I'm doing better. Word to the wise, eat all meals at appropriate times.

I hope you all have a great week and know a piece of Africa loves you. This week I'll have more to tell you, we'll be getting transfer news, having a baptism and having Mission Tour.

- Elder Burgess

P.S. Oh, we're probably not getting cars soon. They're here but there's some final requirements that haven't been completed.

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Happy Easter to you all.

Dear friends and family: 

I hope you have had a wonderful week and you're doing well. My week was great!! 

Lets start from the beginning. So the beginning of the week wasn't the greatest but it changed with Wednesday! Wednesday it was raining so hard!! I was drenched and I had an umbrella!! Anyways we walked around and sadly only had a couple lessons but the day ended well. It was Elder Reber's birthday so we went to dinner at a nice restaurant where I had a 500 gram burger!! I conquered the burger and the fries... I'm quite proud. The week continues to our eventful Friday. 

Friday we had District Meeting and I went on exchanges with Elder Reber. We went to lunch at a place called "Wimpy". It's just a nice little burger place. After lunch we went to his area because his companion, Elder Gohnert, doesn't know the area too well. It was nice because it was my old area for a short time. We had some appointments and as we were leaving our last appointment, we ran into an old investigator that Elder Reber had been looking for. They had lost contact and hadn't seen her for like 2 months!! It was a great moment.

Saturday then brought a lot to us. Elder Reber and Gohnert had a baptism and we were helping with it all. We typed up the baptism program and checked on the font, luckily too. We opened the door to the font and found water. Doesn't sound bad, right? But we didn't put it there. So the pump was broken and when it rained Wednesday the rain water came up the drain, bringing a lot of dirt. So Elder Burgess got to get down into the water and start bucketing it out. It was actually quite fun! Then the baptism came. It went great and everything turned out. 

Now the exciting part, I was a dance instructor again!! The branches found out I love ballroom dance (I wonder who told them 🙄) and insisted that I teach. It was really fun but a little difficult. As a missionary I can only show to a point how the dance is done, nonetheless, it was fun. I taught them Salsa and Waltz. I can't wait to dance when I get home!!

So I must include a great moment at the baptism. As we were going from the font there was a man in a track suit. It seemed no one had talked to him. I meant to address him but he acted first. He started asking about the church and the baptism he just witnessed. He's from Botswana and just arrived in Windhoek. He had a free day and decided to look around the city, until he ended up there at our chapel. His questions were amazing! He even said, "This church seems too good to be true, what's the catch?" As we talked, something told me, this is too good to be true. I decided he was possibly a member but I went with it just in case. After the closing remarks of the baptism and the prayer, I turned to ask what branch or ward he was from in Botswana, but again, he beat me. He said, "Congratulations elder, I'm President Caiphas, Second Counselor to President Chadambuka." I wasn't surprised he was a member but it surprised me that he was my Mission President's Second Counselor!! 

Then Sunday was a beautiful Easter. Happy Easter to you all. I hope you remember the Lord and his Atonement, death and Resurrection. I know our Savior lives. I know He loves us. 

I hope you all have a wonderful week!
- Elder Burgess

President Caiphas and I

Doing a little service at the other elder's place.

While on exchanges, I found that Namibia was playing our music and the spoken word. It was really cool.

Monday, April 10, 2017

Deliciously short.

Hello! I'll apologize in advance, this won't be too long. 

This past week was good, just a little slow. It was mostly the same old each day. Sadly no cars yet... but they say this week they should be here! I'm excited!

So I guess I can tell about some of our investigators. Eugene is a newer investigator. He's the nephew to an RM and the grandson to the branch president. Many is his extended family are members and slowly the family is coming along. Cecyllia is doing well. She's still preparing for her baptism at the end of the month and she's not really having many challenges. We just have a couple more lessons and then she's golden and good to go. David is still doing well. His learning is a bit slower but he is only ten. Sometimes it's difficult because his friends join and kids sometimes are just not in the mood to sit and listen, but life goes on.

My highlight was when the Desousa's invited us to join them in watching the Sunday Afternoon session of General Conference. It was wonderful to watch the full General Conference. It's the first time I've been able to see all the sessions on my mission. A particular talk was given by Elder Costa of the Seventy. Please! I repeat, Please! Spread this talk with everyone! It's titled "To the friends and investigators of the Church" It is for all who are not members, but members should also watch it so they can see how to help their friends. It's a fantastic talk! After Conference we had a lovely meal prepared by Brother Desousa; an Angolan dish that translates to bean stew. It's really a man stew! It was delicious!

Well this coming week should bring better stories. I hope you have a wonderful time and enjoy your week!

- Elder Burgess

I've got my journal and I'm ready for Conference.

Man stew. I'd eaten most of the sauce and vegetables by the time I took the photo.

Monday, April 3, 2017

General Conference weekend!

Hello Everyone!!

I hope you had a great week. My week was pretty good. The week wasn't the best at first. I was pretty sick for most of the week. I had gone to the doctor just after emailing you all and turned out I had an infection in my airway. But don't worry! All is well; I'm doing great now.

So this past week was nice because we have 3 new investigators, 2 of which are related to members. The one is a 12 year old named Brandon. He's part of the Brinkmann family. It's wonderful because his family is full on board with him being taught, in fact, his mom is going to be teaching him with us. It's great because we'll be able to teach the family over again. 

On Saturday we went hiking, again. This time with the YSA. It was fun. What made it more fun was when a couple other elders and I went back on a beaten path! We found some beautiful scenes and a little friend that could've been a problem, but thankfully wasn't. I'll attach a photo, but it was a golden orb spider. It was huge and it's web was so big, and it was gold!!

Also, as many of you know, General Conference was this last weekend. I loved Conference! I had a great opportunity to see two sessions live and the others recorded. I have not, however, seen the Sunday afternoon session. But I know that Elder Palmer was one of the speakers. He told us that he was speaking. I'm also fortunate because he's coming at the end of the month for a Mission Tour. I can't wait!!

Well this last week was alright and I hope that the next one is better!

Love ya all,
- Elder Burgess

Elder Ndlovu and I at the top of the mountain.

Our little friend, the Golden Orb spider.

Ready for General Conference Sunday!

Monday, March 27, 2017

Life in Namibia

Hello to you all. 

So this past week was interesting. We had transfers and it didn't go according to plan. The guys leaving left Monday evening and the guys coming in were supposed to come Tuesday evening, but they didn't. We got news on Tuesday that they wouldn't be coming until Thursday because Tuesday was a public holiday. It was Namibia's Independence Day, but I'll tell you this, Namibia can't even compete with the 4th of July. Sorry Namibia.

So on Tuesday we had all the Namibia elders go and play soccer with the Windhoek District (The members and their friends). It was really fun! The remainder of the week was hectic though. We didn't get a chance to visit many people but we had some fun. On Friday we had a combined District Meeting with the Swakopmund elders and I got to see some old companions, Elder Saiah and Elder Malemo. Elder Saiah is serving in Swakopmund and Elder Malemo is serving in Windhoek. It was cool to see them again.

On Saturday we had a lot of fun. We went hiking for a priesthood combined activity in the morning. We just went to the same "mountain" we went to last time, but it was fun to be with all the elders. After that we had a braai (bar-b-que) and then went to see Jake. 

I can't remember if I told you about Jake, but he's a cool guy. He's from Angola and just here schooling. He's beginning to grow a greater interest in the Book of Mormon and I hope he continues to progress. Then Saturday Evening we had a going away party for The Kashihakumwa Family who are moving to Rexburg, Idaho so Brother Kashihakumwa can further his schooling. He was in the District Presidency and he will be missed. I'll get to visit him though!

So yeah, an eventful week for sure. I hope you all have a great week!

- Elder Burgess

While we were hiking, some older guys were climbing the hill as well... But in vehicles! It was pretty cool!

Here is the Kashihakumwa family. The far left in white is Brother Charles and the lady in blue is his wife. The three kids between them are theirs.

Monday, March 20, 2017

Do you smell fish?

Hi everyone. This won't be too long because it's transfers and a bit of transfers is happening today.

Life is good and this week wasn't great. People didn't really want to see us, but people did want to feed us! We were fed quite a bit and well it's been nice. 

As I said it's transfers. Nothing exciting for me, I'm in the same area, still with Elder Ndlovu. It's okay, I like Wanaheda and Elder Ndlovu is a great guy. This will officially be my longest time in an area (7 1/2 months) and with a companion (4 1/2 months). The sad thing is the elders that are leaving Namibia. I've really come to love these guys and some I'll never see again while here. But that's life as a missionary!

Oh! Highlight. Yesterday - Sunday, Ottilie, our recent convert, gave her first talk!! She was so nervous but she did very well!! It was quite a moment. She spoke on how Relief Society teaches charity.

Speaking of Relief Society, it was the 175th anniversary since it had been formed so happy birthday.

But as I said, I don't have much time. I'm doing very well and I'll continue to serve the Lord. I wish you all the best,

- Elder Burgess

So the other elders wanted sushi. As most people know about me, I'm not a fish or seafood fan, but I thoroughly enjoyed my bit of sushi. Trying new things is nice.

Monday, March 13, 2017

Stay tuned for next week...


So I hope you all have had a great week. I've enjoyed mine.

Let's start from Monday eh?

So Monday was fun with the elders, playing soccer and chilling at the chapel. That evening we went to a member's home for FHE. I shared John 11 and related it to the resurrection. I feel it was a good lesson.

Tuesday was an okay day, kinda the bummer of the week. I've already established that earlier in life though. Tuesday is by far the worst day of the week. Period. I did find a great quote about mothers, but I'll save that one for Mother's Day 😉!  Wednesday we put Cecyllia on date!! I'm so excited about this one! She's golden! She loves the church and the Book of Mormon and she's become a great friend to me! I don't know if I'll be here though when she's baptized. But at least hearing about her baptism will be great! 

Thursday... Nothing really exciting, just cancelled appointments and what not. Friday for District Meeting we discussed what we each learned at Zone Meeting, Zone Conference and District Conference. It was really insightful! We finished the day in the area and we were able to see Mbaruku, who we haven't seen for a while, so that was good.

Saturday I must give a shout out to my District Leader for turning 20!!

Sunday was a good Sabbath of prayer and fast and testimony. I've enjoyed this past week and this one will be interesting. I'll find out if I'm leaving my area on Saturday and transfers are on the following Tuesday, so don't worry, you'll hear about it!

See ya'll later...okay talk later...

- Elder Burgess

Here's a great view of Windhoek!

This is a museum we went to today. I couldn't resist the pose when I found a cannon. 

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Conferences, conferences...

Hey Everyone! 

I hope all is well and that this past week has been a good one! This past week for me has been eventful. Not too much happened until the weekend though, so I guess I can say I had an eventful weekend. We had Zone Conference on Friday. Zone Conference went well and many great things were shared. They were mostly showing us how there's a bigger picture for those we teach so we shouldn't judge them. Elder Hawkins, our fleet manager, talked about how all of this is in preparation for the future. We must be able to teach people here and prepare them for when Christ comes again but he expressed that our greatest responsibility in teaching will be to our children. It was very nicely put and quite nice. Of course that won't be for a while but prepare now, right?!

After Zone Conference we had interviews, but President Chadambuka had to run and get Elder Van Reenen from the airport, so we hung out at the church house waiting for him. In that mean time we played soccer! It was so fun! We played in the gym and just as we begin, it starts pouring outside!!! It poured for the whole time we were playing and on into the night! We're very fortunate to have gotten so much rain this weekend. After soccer, we cooled down and waited for our own interviews. That's when we played 30 seconds, which is pretty much Taboo for South Africa. It was so fun! All in all Zone Conference was awesome!!

On Sunday we had District Conference. We were so lucky because we had Elder Jacques A. Van Reenen, an area seventy,  and Elder S. Mark Palmer of the Seventy. Both these men, I must testify, are called of God. They spoke with such great power and authority it was unreal! And the great thing is we get to have them come for a mission tour in April! I'm so excited!!!!

I'm so blessed to be here in Namibia! Well I hope this coming week is as good as this past week was, Cheers!

- Elder Burgess

Me at District Conference.

Here's our District, minus the Swakopmund Branch because they're far.

Monday, February 27, 2017

Book of Mormon People

Hello Everyone.

I'm doing well. Life's good and Nam is great!

Not a whole lot has happened this week. We got some new investigators on Tuesday... and lost them on Thursday. A couple sisters that live just down the road from our flat stopped us one evening and invited us to come teach them. Things were going well after the first visit and the second went great. But, at the end she told us that her landlord didn't want us coming to his place anymore. He said, "I don't want those Book of Mormon People in my house." I'm guessing that he had some missionaries go to his house and introduce the Book of Mormon. It explained the way he acted around us. 

He has his own church and doesn't want someone coming in and confusing his family and what not. I don't blame him. Nam has had a problem with all these foreign churches and false prophets coming in, taking money, confusing the masses and leaving... He has a right to be skeptical. It's a shame though, because now so many people won't listen to us.

On the other hand, it's helped people see that there should be one church. One such person is Brother Silas. We found him when we went to another investigators and he was there. He himself has stopped going to church because every one he's been to he's discovered that they're fake or not of God. He said he's willing to listen to us and we could call him this week. We talked about how and why all these churches came about and we were all in agreement. I have high hopes for this guy.

Probably the greatest news is we have Brother David on date to be baptized. David is 10 but he loves the church! He understands everything we teach him and he wants to serve a mission even! He's a great kid and because of him many other kids are hearing the gospel. The reason being, he invites everyone in his flat complex to come and listen.

We had Zone Meeting, which was okay I guess. This coming week we have Zone Conference and more happening so next week will be more exciting. 

Love you all and have a great week,
- Elder Burgess

Here's another part of my area, just a little more suburb-ish

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

"Go back."

So This past week has just flown!! Just yesterday, as we sat at a member's for dinner, it hit me... tomorrow is Monday... Absolutely bizarre, who took my week!?

On Monday evening we went and saw one of my favorite families, the Desousas. There we shared a message that has touched my heart profoundly, John 9:1-41. It's the story of Jesus Christ healing a man born blind. We watched the bible video that the church has made and shared some scriptures. The message comes with a lot of power. For me the part that hits home is when Jesus explains that the man is not blind because of sin, but so that the power of God may be manifest. I absolutely love the message and the way it's portrayed in the video. I highly recommend watching it.

We also had a great spiritual moment with our investigator, Nanal. I know I've mentioned her but let me reintroduce her. Nanal is the Branch President's daughter and has been investigating for some time now. We shared with her 2 Nephi 4. At the end she opened up about why she wasn't reading. She felt that maybe the book and the church would brainwash her. But 2 Nephi 4 showed her that it's all about God and Jesus Christ. And for the record, the Book of Mormon will not brainwash you, it'll change your life forever, there's a difference.

But as I said this week flew by. It's been wonderful though and as I look back I realize that a lot happened, it's just hard to put it all into short words.

Maybe one more experience. So Elder Ndlovu and I were walking around knocking doors when we came to a house. At first we almost passed it but something said, "go back". We go and knock and find an older lady, to whom we introduce ourselves. After introductions and an invitation to hear our message she says, "Ah yes, yes. But, do you know I'm actually a member of the church?" I asked her name and she said, "Brinkmann". Now the significance of this is back when I was with Elder Mosweswe I was looking at our membership list and found the Brinkmann family, who lived right down the street. We went there but they had moved. We tried the number but it was cancelled. I tried asking the members but they were unaware what happened to them. So to my delight I found this family!! Turns out they had moved far away but were visiting for a while so, Yay!!

Anyways, a good week. Love you all!
- Elder Burgess

Attached is a photo of part of my area, I had a good view.

Monday, February 13, 2017

A constant search.

Hello Everyone.

So this past week was pretty normal for us. As we go about our days everything kind of blurs... We have been doing this assignment here in Namibia to find the greatest finding method here. We've been taking topics from Preach My Gospel chapter 9. One week we take one topic and try doing only that type of finding people. It's been an interesting way of doing it but sometimes we get a topic that isn't productive in our area so it's not the most fun. But it's an assignment from our mission president to help future missionaries so I'm helping I guess. 

But because of our finding assignment we didn't really find people this week. But we were able to have some good lessons. On Friday we met again with an investigator, Benjamin. We had a lesson in which the Spirit was truly there. We taught and testified about the Great Apostasy. We testified that it was foretold and that it had indeed happened. Sadly though, the conversation didn't end on high notes from the Spirit because Benjamin just wanted to debate and argue. 

We had a similar incident the following day, but a different outcome. We saw Cecyllia. I'm not sure if you remember her or if I even told you much about her. She's a great sister, she was referred to the missionaries by a member a while back but it's now that things have been improving and turning over. As we shared about the cycle of apostasy throughout the history of mankind, she nodded and agreed. Then we arrived at the Great Apostasy. I've really realized how important that portion is to teaching for understanding. We taught and testified about how the Great Apostasy came about and how it led to so many churches. She was understanding, adding her own confirmation of the truth of it, and the Spirit was so strong!

I love serving and teaching people about the Restoration and the many blessings that come to them because of it. One of the saddest moments is when someone rejects the message, but when someone accepts, the joy is so overwhelming!

Thank you all for your prayers and love!

- Elder Burgess

My obsession of sunsets continues! 

I forgot to tell you, our kitchen faucet broke so we replaced it. Here's Elder Reynolds at work. Elder Reynolds was caught in an awkward situation... he wasn't happy I was taking photos, haha! Oh, ignore the dishes... again, the faucet was broken.

I found a little friend and look what he's wearing!