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Monday, October 2, 2017


*props to whoever can name that movie*

Hiya family! How are you? Friends, how's it? I hope you're all well and that you didn't miss me too much.

So let me explain the subject. My companion, Elder Shorthill, is a fun, goofy guy. He likes quoting movies with me, so we keep quoting and asking, "Do you know that one?". Well he also loves plants. He loves to grow them and he keeps telling me about all his plants he'd grow. Well, the above quotation is from a beloved movie. If you can name it that's great! But nonetheless, Elder Shorthill reminds me of the main character. If you're still stumped then another hint is: "EEVAH". If you still don't know, ask your neighbor.

This past week was good. Lately we've been trying to help the ward update their records because it's greatly outdated, so much of this week was wandering trying to hunt down the members, active or not.

So I'll start from Monday! So after emailing we went and play Ping Pong at the Witbank chapel! I haven't played since the MTC (my companion likes to remind me that that was a long time ago 😑😐...) but it was so much fun!! Every Monday is ping pong and today we're doing a tournament! 

Tuesday we had great help from Brother David who was able to tell us about the members he knew. Some have moved, Some are no longer with the church, and some even have passed away. One sister passed away 13 years ago! That's before most of the active members were even members! So now you see why we're trying to help.

After that, the days blurred together. We had some nice days and met some nice people. One of our new investigators is named Natasha. Natasha is 17 but is in College. She graduated at 11! She's a brilliant girl who loves the gospel. When we first met her we were passing by because we didn't really have time to share. She was upset because she wanted us to begin teaching her. But she accepted that we come back the next day. After a nice lesson that next day, we went back the following day again. Hopefully things continue to improve.

And Lastly, I write about General Conference! I was able to see all but the Sunday Afternoon session, which we'll watch this coming Sunday. I loved Conference so much!! I filled several pages of my journal with notes and I still have another session! I hope you enjoyed Conference as much as I did. My favorite talk was.... okay I can't really decide yet... Honestly, I like to read them again before I decide. But, a great talk was Elder Jeffrey R. Holland's talk. It was one that gave me peace and a few good laughs. "No one can spend that much!". Haha! Yes, I really enjoyed it.

Well I hope you have a great week!
- Elder Burgess

My beautiful form. I also hadn't played basketball since the MTC.

Action shot of my killer serve!

It seems Peter wanted us to know how to find his place.

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