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Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Happy Halloween!

🎃 🍁 🎃 🍂 🎃

Hello Friends and family!! Sorry about yesterday, we had a zone activity and went to Tzaneen! 

It was way fun, just really hot!! We went and played soccer and you might recognize the place. I played there before, like a year ago though. It was nice to see Tzaneen again, a little weird but nice. 

So let me tell you about this week. It was a good one, but it went fast!! We did find a few new investigators. It was great with Margaret and Thabo (Some of the new investigators) because when we went back Margaret had read the pamphlet and started the Book of Mormon. Sadly we weren't able to share again that next time because she was busy working (she's a seamstress and a good one at that!). Margaret is a very faithful woman who loves God and Jesus Christ and Thabo is her 24 year old son. He's a student but helps his mom with her business. He's also very interested in what we have to share.

Other than that, we had an activity with the Polokwane YSA where we hiked a hill on campus of the University of Limpopo then played games after. It was fun but it was a big contrast from yesterday because it was so cold!! Man, Limpopo is bipolar! 

Great news!! Now attending Seshego branch are a few old friends from old areas! From Mokopane we have the investigator Johannes Chanza, who is actually not an investigator anymore, but a member!! He investigated the church for over 15 years!! Also attending with us is the Matholes from Lenyenye Branch. They actually moved away before I left Lenyenye. They were recent converts then but are now sealed!

It was a decent week. My health has been getting better, ever slowly but surely. Well I hope you have a great week!

- Elder Burgess

P.S.  Honestly, I kind of forgot about Halloween because it's not celebrated here...

Back in Tzaneen and loving the sights!

Bit messy from playing, just taking a breather. It was so hot!! and the turf wasn't helping!!

Brother Johannes Chanza, a former investigator turned convert from Mokopane!

Brother Mathole and his family from Lenyenye. I didn't get to say goodbye to them properly so it's wonderful to see them again.

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