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Monday, October 23, 2017


I hope you're all doing well. This past week was a decent one. So I've been happy and just trying to get to know the people. It's weird being back in Limpopo. I recognize some places and some people.

But let me start from transfers. It was a little rough saying goodbye to the departing elders but the gospel helps us to know that there really aren't goodbyes.  But after saying farewell Elder Khupiso and I took to Limpopo. We arrived late but still I recognize the city of Polokwane. 

We went around the next few days trying to meet the people until Friday. Friday went well but by the end I wasn't feeling too well. Saturday then showed up and came with "great fun". I'll just tell you all this, don't get ulcers. For once I was out of commission. Even now I'm not doing the best but I'll get there.

So not too much this week. I'll let you know more when it happens!

Cheers all!
- Elder Burgess

Elder Khupiso and I 

Sister Mary Lamola

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