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Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Signing off.


Well I can't believe I'm writing this.... This is my final email as a full time missionary for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.

My mission so far has been amazing. I've been through quite a bit and I've seen great growth in many people and in myself. I've seen miracles, some of which I took part in. I've worked with many cultures and I'm so grateful for it all. These past two years have been a real blessing to me. I'm so grateful for the people I've met. I'm grateful for everyone that has written me and been supportive. Thank you to all of those true friends. 

It's now come time for me to leave Africa. It's funny, a part of me feels like I'm leaving home and friends and family. I fly out on Friday and I'll get home on Saturday.

Farewell to all the people I've met and served among. I'm grateful for your friendships and I know that many will last forever. Here's to two great years and many to come.

I know that the work I've been doing is right and good. I know it was for the Lord. I know it was for his true church and most of all, for his children. He loves everyone so much. I know that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints is the true church on earth. I know the Book of Mormon is true and it was brought to us through God's true and ordained prophet, Joseph Smith. 

I love you all. And to everyone back home, your boy is coming home.

- Elder Cameron Burgess

Tuesday, December 19, 2017

The Church is true.

Hello hello hello!!

I hope you're doing well. 

So I don't have much to say and I don't have a way to upload the photos so I apologize in advance.

I'm doing well and this past week was good. The area is starting to get an effect of Christmas and people are leaving. But we were able to see a wonderful investigator named Tiaan. He's a great guy and is really looking for God. I'm so excited to work with him in the near future. And, I'm happy we were able to see some less actives. There's so many great people here and it's been such a pleasure to be here so far. 

I know the work I'm doing is grand and is of God. I know the Church is true.

- Elder Burgess

Monday, December 11, 2017

Very interesting.

Hello to my people!

I hope you're doing well. I'm not too bad but I've had an interesting week. So on Monday we had an interesting event where my companion, Elder Gohnert, had a cancer scare and went home to Johannesburg.... yeah that was interesting. And that left me with the Zone Leaders in Mamelodi, a township. It was quite the adventure but over all I just felt like a burden and a third wheel. Then I got great news! Elder Gohnert does not have cancer! He came back to me on Saturday and I was able to get to work in our area. 

So not much happened but I can share a bit about how the work is here.

Investigators is an interesting story here. We're in the city and the work is a bit more difficult than other areas so we work a lot with less actives and the few investigators we have. We have a great sister though named Cebisa who is on date for January 21st. She comes to church, is very smart and loves what we share. She put herself on date! Work with the members is good. Since my companion is the only Afrikaans elder in the mission he can get into homes that others can't. The members are very particular with elders and they watch you so if one steps out of line then elders after them kinda suffer. But with us it's going well! It's weird visiting the American families though... I'm so not used to them!!

I did have a great spiritual moment though. During my personal study on Friday I was reading in the December Liahona and I read the short story title "Christmas Through My Daughter's Eyes". It was so fantastic and reminded me of the beauty of Christmas. It reminded of the true meaning of this time of year. It reminded me that without Christ, it's just a -mas (miss). What a great moment to remember all the wonderful days of this time of year and to remember our Savior. Please don't forget the true meaning of this holiday, Christ.

But it's been an interesting week that's for sure! What an adventure! I hope you all have a great week!

- Elder Burgess

My temporary companions, Elder Mothajana (from my MTC Group) and Elder Voyles (From my days of Namibia). It was great to reunite and be companions for a few days.

He's back!

Friday, December 8, 2017


Hello Everyone! I hope you've had a great week, mine has been busy!

It's been so wonderful to be in Pretoria with Elder Gohnert. This past week has been full of service and visiting people. Tuesday was a day of settling in and I met the Heydenrich family. They're wonderful! Brother Heydenrich served with Elder Gohnert's brother so there's a great connection. The next day we were doing service for him, painting a roof/ patio. We had a little fun while at it. And then, the next day was my birthday... I must say I don't feel like I'm 21... It was a nice birthday though. A couple families had us over and we celebrated a few times, but still a birthday here just isn't quite the same. 

Friday we had district meeting but it was different having the meeting in the office. Our district consists of Elder Gohnert, the assistants to the president (Elder Gilbert and Elder Warren) and myself. After the meeting we rushed to help a member move in the assistants' area. She wasn't really in a safe part of town so it was good to see her leave that place.

Saturday wasn't all that interesting but Sunday was! It was so weird! So Pretoria East is in the City and is a fully functional ward of the church. It was so bizarre! It was quite the culture shock for me honestly. But I truly enjoyed it. The people here are wonderful! After church we had an appointment with Frik. Now Frik is the son to my lovely neighbor when I was living in Polokwane and serving in Seshego. She gave us his number and we were able to visit him and his family. Hopefully all goes well with him.

But yes, I'm excited for the coming weeks.

Talk to you later!
- Elder Burgess

Happy Birthday, Elder Burgess!!

Elder Gohnert and I found a "magic" broom during service and took turns flying around.

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

It's the final countdown!!

Hello to you all!!!

This week has been grand! and busy! I can't believe how much has happened and how fast it went!! let's start off then!!

The week's excitement all started Wednesday when we had Zone Conference! It was a right good day full of spiritual things. It was wonderful to study the scriptures as a zone and to discuss what we were learning. It was sadly cut a bit short because of the number of things that needed to be done and President had to drive back down to Pretoria for Zone Conference that side. But in all it was fantastic!

Happy Thanksgiving on Thursday!! Sorry I didn't say it last week... It's not celebrated here so yeah... I hope you all enjoyed it though!!

Friday brought some more excitement, but also anxiety... Black Friday was a buzz and people were everywhere!! Trying to drive through town was a nightmare!!

Saturday was the much awaited day! So in the morning we had an activity and played soccer! It was so fun, and, my team won... not bragging, just stating a fact. It was also great because we got a couple new guys to teach! Activity = successful! We then got cleaned up and went about our day, but we were just anxious for transfer news. It took a while though but it eventually came through...... Transfer news is.... I'M LEAVING!! I'm going to Pretoria East to finish my mission with my good friend, Elder Gohnert!! I'm so excited!! I finally get to serve in Pretoria and now with a friend! I'll also be celebrating my birthday, his birthday, Christmas, and New Year's!! Oh what an adventure!! 

Well tomorrow we drive down bright and early. But I hope you all have a great week and stay tuned, because adventures to come!!

- Elder Burgess

Last District meeting.

Soccer! Representing the Albanian flag for Elder Coka. (it's pronounced, Choka)

Zone Conference, Elder Darley is leaving!

Monday, November 20, 2017

More than a book.


Long time, eh? Honestly, I wouldn't say so. This week has flown by!! Actually this month! It's the 20th of November already!

Well the week was good. It was the usual days of appointments and what not, the same old stuff really. Then came Friday. Friday was a great day. We were helping the senior couple that work in the office, Elder and Sister Owens, to clean out a flat. The flat's lease is up and the owners won't renew, so au revoir to that flat. 

But what was really fun was lunch afterwards. Sister Owens made lunch for us and it was a trip to the past because she made tacos! We had tacos, guacamole, salsa, bean dip, really a Mexican treat! It was so nice! She had made it because it's Elder Owens' favorite meal. And, apparently leading up to that whenever she would ask him what he wanted for dinner his reply was always, "I don't care, I'm getting tacos on Friday!" Haha!

Then Saturday we had an activity and played soccer; we actually had a good turnout. But the greatest news is I was able to play! That's right, I'm actually getting better! My health has been improving steadily but still it's improving.

Sunday was the highlight though. We had a special conference where we watched a broadcast for the South East Africa Area. We had the pleasure to hear from Elder Tad R. Callister, Sister Bonnie L. Oscarson, Elder Kevin S. Hamilton, Elder Carl B. Cook and Elder Neil L. Anderson. All of their talks were wonderful and directed to help the people of the area. I especially loved Elder Cook's message about the Book of Mormon. He shared again President Monson's invitation and also the blessings that come from heeding it. I know the Book of Mormon to be more than a book. Its inspired words are from God and can bless your life, heal your heart, sooth your soul and bring you everlasting joy. 

So yes, it was a good week. This coming week has a lot in store. I have Zone Conference and on Saturday I find out where I'm finishing my mission. It's so weird to say that but it's true... Stay tuned!

- Elder Burgess

Flashback for the Americans!

Elder Yosi and Elder Khupiso enjoying tacos.

Saying goodbye to Sister Lebo (the one in the red cardigan) who's going back to Johannesburg to see her husband... she was very excited.

Tuesday, November 14, 2017


Hello to everyone! I hope you've had a great week. 

For myself, I've had a decent week, but can you believe it's almost half way through November?!

But anyways, "Monday" you already know from last week, so I'll start with Tuesday. It was a great day. We visited the Repatse Family and played a game called "30 seconds" after sharing a message. It's a game like Taboo where you describe the word on the card and your team has to guess but it's the latest things and has also South African trivia. It was a lot of fun! We played it a lot this week actually! On Wednesday our neighbor prepared a wonderful meal for us and the Polokwane Elders (who are teaching her). Her name is Louise and She's this sweet 76 year old lady who just loves what we're doing here and what we share with her. Thursday has officially become a not so favorite day here in Seshego because it's always the day that no one wants to see us!

But then came Friday. Friday we had exchanges and guess where I got to go? If you haven't guessed Mokopane then you're wrong. That's right, I got to go to my first area. It was great fun. I got to see some old faces and catch up briefly. No one really remembered my name but they remembered my face. It was fun but weird! Especially because either them or the elder I was on exchanges with, Elder Spencer, kept saying it's almost been 2 years since I was there.... It hit after about the 5th time that yes, it had been a long time since I'd been there. But I guess that's how a mission is. It's gone fast but has been wonderful.

The remainder of the week wasn't the best because I was sick again, But! I'm still smiling! I hope you all are too! I know this work I'm a part of is the Lord's work. I know He loves us. I know we are God's children, and I know He loves us more than we know. He wants us to be happy and that's my goal in life!

Love you all!
- Elder Burgess

Sister Mantome and her daughter Mpho from Mokopane.

The Ledwaba Family, also from Mokopane.

Elder Spencer and I.

And the amazing set up Louise made for dinner!