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Tuesday, November 14, 2017


Hello to everyone! I hope you've had a great week. 

For myself, I've had a decent week, but can you believe it's almost half way through November?!

But anyways, "Monday" you already know from last week, so I'll start with Tuesday. It was a great day. We visited the Repatse Family and played a game called "30 seconds" after sharing a message. It's a game like Taboo where you describe the word on the card and your team has to guess but it's the latest things and has also South African trivia. It was a lot of fun! We played it a lot this week actually! On Wednesday our neighbor prepared a wonderful meal for us and the Polokwane Elders (who are teaching her). Her name is Louise and She's this sweet 76 year old lady who just loves what we're doing here and what we share with her. Thursday has officially become a not so favorite day here in Seshego because it's always the day that no one wants to see us!

But then came Friday. Friday we had exchanges and guess where I got to go? If you haven't guessed Mokopane then you're wrong. That's right, I got to go to my first area. It was great fun. I got to see some old faces and catch up briefly. No one really remembered my name but they remembered my face. It was fun but weird! Especially because either them or the elder I was on exchanges with, Elder Spencer, kept saying it's almost been 2 years since I was there.... It hit after about the 5th time that yes, it had been a long time since I'd been there. But I guess that's how a mission is. It's gone fast but has been wonderful.

The remainder of the week wasn't the best because I was sick again, But! I'm still smiling! I hope you all are too! I know this work I'm a part of is the Lord's work. I know He loves us. I know we are God's children, and I know He loves us more than we know. He wants us to be happy and that's my goal in life!

Love you all!
- Elder Burgess

Sister Mantome and her daughter Mpho from Mokopane.

The Ledwaba Family, also from Mokopane.

Elder Spencer and I.

And the amazing set up Louise made for dinner!

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