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Tuesday, November 28, 2017

It's the final countdown!!

Hello to you all!!!

This week has been grand! and busy! I can't believe how much has happened and how fast it went!! let's start off then!!

The week's excitement all started Wednesday when we had Zone Conference! It was a right good day full of spiritual things. It was wonderful to study the scriptures as a zone and to discuss what we were learning. It was sadly cut a bit short because of the number of things that needed to be done and President had to drive back down to Pretoria for Zone Conference that side. But in all it was fantastic!

Happy Thanksgiving on Thursday!! Sorry I didn't say it last week... It's not celebrated here so yeah... I hope you all enjoyed it though!!

Friday brought some more excitement, but also anxiety... Black Friday was a buzz and people were everywhere!! Trying to drive through town was a nightmare!!

Saturday was the much awaited day! So in the morning we had an activity and played soccer! It was so fun, and, my team won... not bragging, just stating a fact. It was also great because we got a couple new guys to teach! Activity = successful! We then got cleaned up and went about our day, but we were just anxious for transfer news. It took a while though but it eventually came through...... Transfer news is.... I'M LEAVING!! I'm going to Pretoria East to finish my mission with my good friend, Elder Gohnert!! I'm so excited!! I finally get to serve in Pretoria and now with a friend! I'll also be celebrating my birthday, his birthday, Christmas, and New Year's!! Oh what an adventure!! 

Well tomorrow we drive down bright and early. But I hope you all have a great week and stay tuned, because adventures to come!!

- Elder Burgess

Last District meeting.

Soccer! Representing the Albanian flag for Elder Coka. (it's pronounced, Choka)

Zone Conference, Elder Darley is leaving!

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