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Friday, December 8, 2017


Hello Everyone! I hope you've had a great week, mine has been busy!

It's been so wonderful to be in Pretoria with Elder Gohnert. This past week has been full of service and visiting people. Tuesday was a day of settling in and I met the Heydenrich family. They're wonderful! Brother Heydenrich served with Elder Gohnert's brother so there's a great connection. The next day we were doing service for him, painting a roof/ patio. We had a little fun while at it. And then, the next day was my birthday... I must say I don't feel like I'm 21... It was a nice birthday though. A couple families had us over and we celebrated a few times, but still a birthday here just isn't quite the same. 

Friday we had district meeting but it was different having the meeting in the office. Our district consists of Elder Gohnert, the assistants to the president (Elder Gilbert and Elder Warren) and myself. After the meeting we rushed to help a member move in the assistants' area. She wasn't really in a safe part of town so it was good to see her leave that place.

Saturday wasn't all that interesting but Sunday was! It was so weird! So Pretoria East is in the City and is a fully functional ward of the church. It was so bizarre! It was quite the culture shock for me honestly. But I truly enjoyed it. The people here are wonderful! After church we had an appointment with Frik. Now Frik is the son to my lovely neighbor when I was living in Polokwane and serving in Seshego. She gave us his number and we were able to visit him and his family. Hopefully all goes well with him.

But yes, I'm excited for the coming weeks.

Talk to you later!
- Elder Burgess

Happy Birthday, Elder Burgess!!

Elder Gohnert and I found a "magic" broom during service and took turns flying around.

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