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Monday, December 11, 2017

Very interesting.

Hello to my people!

I hope you're doing well. I'm not too bad but I've had an interesting week. So on Monday we had an interesting event where my companion, Elder Gohnert, had a cancer scare and went home to Johannesburg.... yeah that was interesting. And that left me with the Zone Leaders in Mamelodi, a township. It was quite the adventure but over all I just felt like a burden and a third wheel. Then I got great news! Elder Gohnert does not have cancer! He came back to me on Saturday and I was able to get to work in our area. 

So not much happened but I can share a bit about how the work is here.

Investigators is an interesting story here. We're in the city and the work is a bit more difficult than other areas so we work a lot with less actives and the few investigators we have. We have a great sister though named Cebisa who is on date for January 21st. She comes to church, is very smart and loves what we share. She put herself on date! Work with the members is good. Since my companion is the only Afrikaans elder in the mission he can get into homes that others can't. The members are very particular with elders and they watch you so if one steps out of line then elders after them kinda suffer. But with us it's going well! It's weird visiting the American families though... I'm so not used to them!!

I did have a great spiritual moment though. During my personal study on Friday I was reading in the December Liahona and I read the short story title "Christmas Through My Daughter's Eyes". It was so fantastic and reminded me of the beauty of Christmas. It reminded of the true meaning of this time of year. It reminded me that without Christ, it's just a -mas (miss). What a great moment to remember all the wonderful days of this time of year and to remember our Savior. Please don't forget the true meaning of this holiday, Christ.

But it's been an interesting week that's for sure! What an adventure! I hope you all have a great week!

- Elder Burgess

My temporary companions, Elder Mothajana (from my MTC Group) and Elder Voyles (From my days of Namibia). It was great to reunite and be companions for a few days.

He's back!

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