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Monday, February 27, 2017

Book of Mormon People

Hello Everyone.

I'm doing well. Life's good and Nam is great!

Not a whole lot has happened this week. We got some new investigators on Tuesday... and lost them on Thursday. A couple sisters that live just down the road from our flat stopped us one evening and invited us to come teach them. Things were going well after the first visit and the second went great. But, at the end she told us that her landlord didn't want us coming to his place anymore. He said, "I don't want those Book of Mormon People in my house." I'm guessing that he had some missionaries go to his house and introduce the Book of Mormon. It explained the way he acted around us. 

He has his own church and doesn't want someone coming in and confusing his family and what not. I don't blame him. Nam has had a problem with all these foreign churches and false prophets coming in, taking money, confusing the masses and leaving... He has a right to be skeptical. It's a shame though, because now so many people won't listen to us.

On the other hand, it's helped people see that there should be one church. One such person is Brother Silas. We found him when we went to another investigators and he was there. He himself has stopped going to church because every one he's been to he's discovered that they're fake or not of God. He said he's willing to listen to us and we could call him this week. We talked about how and why all these churches came about and we were all in agreement. I have high hopes for this guy.

Probably the greatest news is we have Brother David on date to be baptized. David is 10 but he loves the church! He understands everything we teach him and he wants to serve a mission even! He's a great kid and because of him many other kids are hearing the gospel. The reason being, he invites everyone in his flat complex to come and listen.

We had Zone Meeting, which was okay I guess. This coming week we have Zone Conference and more happening so next week will be more exciting. 

Love you all and have a great week,
- Elder Burgess

Here's another part of my area, just a little more suburb-ish

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

"Go back."

So This past week has just flown!! Just yesterday, as we sat at a member's for dinner, it hit me... tomorrow is Monday... Absolutely bizarre, who took my week!?

On Monday evening we went and saw one of my favorite families, the Desousas. There we shared a message that has touched my heart profoundly, John 9:1-41. It's the story of Jesus Christ healing a man born blind. We watched the bible video that the church has made and shared some scriptures. The message comes with a lot of power. For me the part that hits home is when Jesus explains that the man is not blind because of sin, but so that the power of God may be manifest. I absolutely love the message and the way it's portrayed in the video. I highly recommend watching it.

We also had a great spiritual moment with our investigator, Nanal. I know I've mentioned her but let me reintroduce her. Nanal is the Branch President's daughter and has been investigating for some time now. We shared with her 2 Nephi 4. At the end she opened up about why she wasn't reading. She felt that maybe the book and the church would brainwash her. But 2 Nephi 4 showed her that it's all about God and Jesus Christ. And for the record, the Book of Mormon will not brainwash you, it'll change your life forever, there's a difference.

But as I said this week flew by. It's been wonderful though and as I look back I realize that a lot happened, it's just hard to put it all into short words.

Maybe one more experience. So Elder Ndlovu and I were walking around knocking doors when we came to a house. At first we almost passed it but something said, "go back". We go and knock and find an older lady, to whom we introduce ourselves. After introductions and an invitation to hear our message she says, "Ah yes, yes. But, do you know I'm actually a member of the church?" I asked her name and she said, "Brinkmann". Now the significance of this is back when I was with Elder Mosweswe I was looking at our membership list and found the Brinkmann family, who lived right down the street. We went there but they had moved. We tried the number but it was cancelled. I tried asking the members but they were unaware what happened to them. So to my delight I found this family!! Turns out they had moved far away but were visiting for a while so, Yay!!

Anyways, a good week. Love you all!
- Elder Burgess

Attached is a photo of part of my area, I had a good view.

Monday, February 13, 2017

A constant search.

Hello Everyone.

So this past week was pretty normal for us. As we go about our days everything kind of blurs... We have been doing this assignment here in Namibia to find the greatest finding method here. We've been taking topics from Preach My Gospel chapter 9. One week we take one topic and try doing only that type of finding people. It's been an interesting way of doing it but sometimes we get a topic that isn't productive in our area so it's not the most fun. But it's an assignment from our mission president to help future missionaries so I'm helping I guess. 

But because of our finding assignment we didn't really find people this week. But we were able to have some good lessons. On Friday we met again with an investigator, Benjamin. We had a lesson in which the Spirit was truly there. We taught and testified about the Great Apostasy. We testified that it was foretold and that it had indeed happened. Sadly though, the conversation didn't end on high notes from the Spirit because Benjamin just wanted to debate and argue. 

We had a similar incident the following day, but a different outcome. We saw Cecyllia. I'm not sure if you remember her or if I even told you much about her. She's a great sister, she was referred to the missionaries by a member a while back but it's now that things have been improving and turning over. As we shared about the cycle of apostasy throughout the history of mankind, she nodded and agreed. Then we arrived at the Great Apostasy. I've really realized how important that portion is to teaching for understanding. We taught and testified about how the Great Apostasy came about and how it led to so many churches. She was understanding, adding her own confirmation of the truth of it, and the Spirit was so strong!

I love serving and teaching people about the Restoration and the many blessings that come to them because of it. One of the saddest moments is when someone rejects the message, but when someone accepts, the joy is so overwhelming!

Thank you all for your prayers and love!

- Elder Burgess

My obsession of sunsets continues! 

I forgot to tell you, our kitchen faucet broke so we replaced it. Here's Elder Reynolds at work. Elder Reynolds was caught in an awkward situation... he wasn't happy I was taking photos, haha! Oh, ignore the dishes... again, the faucet was broken.

I found a little friend and look what he's wearing!

Monday, February 6, 2017

Zone Painting

Hello Everyone!

I hope you had a great week. This past week was great for me! To start off we had a normal week, appointments, appointments cancel, trying to find new people, etc. This past week was our final week of the transfer and eventful. On Thursday we had everyone cancel on us, right as we got to the door. That was interesting but I loved the weekend!! 

On Friday we had Zone Meeting and a Zone activity. For Zone Meeting we talked about how teaching repentance is the great challenge, because, if people truly understand repentance and the Atonement then everything else that the gospel and the church teach will just make sense and fall into place. Repentance is one of the greatest gifts given to us because of our Savior, Jesus Christ.

So after a great Zone Meeting we had our activity. Paintballing. That's right, paintballing. It was so fun!! We had teams of six because two elders didn't want to play. The guns weren't great nor was the field but it was a blast!! We had a great time as a zone! I'll attach pictures.

Sunday (yesterday) we had a very cool moment. I was prompted to read about faith and the priesthood in the morning and later, during fast and testimony meeting, I was prompted to testify on the same thing. Well, We had a sister bring a friend to church and she asked for a blessing. She's been suffering from a serious illness and she wants to be healed. I proceeded to tell her about how these things are wrought by faith. Faith in the priesthood and faith in the Lord. It was a very spiritual moment and I know that my own faith was strengthened because of it.

Well not much else to share so I'll bid adieu!

- Elder Burgess


#1 Soldier!

Sunday, February 5, 2017

Sunsets and cards.

January 30th 2016

Hello to you all. 

So not much has happened this past week. We did see the missionary broadcast for 2017 which announced that we'd have a change in our schedule. Although minor and insignificant to a normal civilian, to a missionary, life is better with it. 

It's just been a normal week though. Life for a missionary is a pretty basic thing. We go about our days with people in mind and looking to serve. We do however have to take some time to enjoy life, and a great way to enjoy life is a deck of cards. I don't mean playing card games, I mean a war. Throwing cards are very fun and one night Elder Reber and I started a war with throwing cards and it got pretty intense, picture to follow. 

Well like I said not much happened. This week was nice with a couple of new investigators. We'll see where things go with them...

Well I apologize, not much to say. I'm sure I'll have more to say next week, hopefully...

- Elder Burgess

A beautiful sunset

Elder Reber somehow got a card stuck in the door.


January 23rd 2016

I hope you've had a wonderful week, because I have! Being a missionary is great, don't let anyone tell you otherwise. If they do, they're lying.

So the week started off normal. Monday - write family and friends, shop, clean, etc.; Tuesday - Appointments, contact referrals, tract, etc. Then Wednesday came. As we're walking and confirming appointments with those we're going to see, a message comes in: "Zone Conference this Saturday!". We were all surprised because it wasn't supposed to be for two more weeks! We were also sad because Saturday was our busiest day and everyone after that asked for Saturday and Sunday. But, we have many appointments this coming weekend! 😀

Zone Conference was great! I love having the chance to learn more and I've found a gospel truth, the Holy Ghost (funny story about the Holy Ghost to follow) is the greatest teacher. Meetings are no more a dread or a bore, because I know I'm going to learn something everyone else won't. I also don't know what, which is a fun mystery! I'll share with you one such thing. As a scripture was shared by my former companion, Elder Mosweswe, I found wonderful peace. He shared Mosiah 28:3 and the Spirit pushed me to St. John 6:67-69. How amazing is it that we have the Christ's words, even, "the words of eternal life" in the church? It's a wonderful thought I'll invite you to ponder.

After Zone Conference I had an interview and it was something else. Some personal things were shared so I won't go into detail, but my testimony of leaders grew. I know they're called of God. I know they receive revelation for those they're entrusted to be judges to. And I know this is "the Lord's Kingdom once again established on the earth preparatory to the second coming of the Messiah." I hope you all have discovered this or will.

So I promised a funny. So yesterday we met with an investigator, Benjamin. Benjamin is a great guy who wants to reconnect with God. The one catch, he hates the name, Holy Ghost. He knows all about the Holy Spirit and believes in him, but the moment we said, "Holy Ghost", he flipped! He went off how a ghost is something evil and scary and how, "the people who wrote the Bible should've only written one name, Holy Spirit." He went on for about 20 minutes before we could talk. At the end we gave him a pamphlet to prepare for our next lesson and he said, "Okay, but if I find 'Holy Ghost' I'm tossing it aside!" Hahaha!😂 He's a funny guy but he has great potential.

Well that concludes this weeks edition of Missionary Weekly, stay tuned for next weeks installment!

- Elder Burgess

This is Ivan Katjotjo, a member's son. If you look closely at the pile of shoes there is a kitten. It seemed as if he was going to hit the poor little cat but he didn't.

Here's Elder Reber feeling a little witch-y as he mopped.

Zone Conference again!