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Monday, February 13, 2017

A constant search.

Hello Everyone.

So this past week was pretty normal for us. As we go about our days everything kind of blurs... We have been doing this assignment here in Namibia to find the greatest finding method here. We've been taking topics from Preach My Gospel chapter 9. One week we take one topic and try doing only that type of finding people. It's been an interesting way of doing it but sometimes we get a topic that isn't productive in our area so it's not the most fun. But it's an assignment from our mission president to help future missionaries so I'm helping I guess. 

But because of our finding assignment we didn't really find people this week. But we were able to have some good lessons. On Friday we met again with an investigator, Benjamin. We had a lesson in which the Spirit was truly there. We taught and testified about the Great Apostasy. We testified that it was foretold and that it had indeed happened. Sadly though, the conversation didn't end on high notes from the Spirit because Benjamin just wanted to debate and argue. 

We had a similar incident the following day, but a different outcome. We saw Cecyllia. I'm not sure if you remember her or if I even told you much about her. She's a great sister, she was referred to the missionaries by a member a while back but it's now that things have been improving and turning over. As we shared about the cycle of apostasy throughout the history of mankind, she nodded and agreed. Then we arrived at the Great Apostasy. I've really realized how important that portion is to teaching for understanding. We taught and testified about how the Great Apostasy came about and how it led to so many churches. She was understanding, adding her own confirmation of the truth of it, and the Spirit was so strong!

I love serving and teaching people about the Restoration and the many blessings that come to them because of it. One of the saddest moments is when someone rejects the message, but when someone accepts, the joy is so overwhelming!

Thank you all for your prayers and love!

- Elder Burgess

My obsession of sunsets continues! 

I forgot to tell you, our kitchen faucet broke so we replaced it. Here's Elder Reynolds at work. Elder Reynolds was caught in an awkward situation... he wasn't happy I was taking photos, haha! Oh, ignore the dishes... again, the faucet was broken.

I found a little friend and look what he's wearing!

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