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Sunday, February 5, 2017

Sunsets and cards.

January 30th 2016

Hello to you all. 

So not much has happened this past week. We did see the missionary broadcast for 2017 which announced that we'd have a change in our schedule. Although minor and insignificant to a normal civilian, to a missionary, life is better with it. 

It's just been a normal week though. Life for a missionary is a pretty basic thing. We go about our days with people in mind and looking to serve. We do however have to take some time to enjoy life, and a great way to enjoy life is a deck of cards. I don't mean playing card games, I mean a war. Throwing cards are very fun and one night Elder Reber and I started a war with throwing cards and it got pretty intense, picture to follow. 

Well like I said not much happened. This week was nice with a couple of new investigators. We'll see where things go with them...

Well I apologize, not much to say. I'm sure I'll have more to say next week, hopefully...

- Elder Burgess

A beautiful sunset

Elder Reber somehow got a card stuck in the door.

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