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Sunday, February 5, 2017


January 23rd 2016

I hope you've had a wonderful week, because I have! Being a missionary is great, don't let anyone tell you otherwise. If they do, they're lying.

So the week started off normal. Monday - write family and friends, shop, clean, etc.; Tuesday - Appointments, contact referrals, tract, etc. Then Wednesday came. As we're walking and confirming appointments with those we're going to see, a message comes in: "Zone Conference this Saturday!". We were all surprised because it wasn't supposed to be for two more weeks! We were also sad because Saturday was our busiest day and everyone after that asked for Saturday and Sunday. But, we have many appointments this coming weekend! 😀

Zone Conference was great! I love having the chance to learn more and I've found a gospel truth, the Holy Ghost (funny story about the Holy Ghost to follow) is the greatest teacher. Meetings are no more a dread or a bore, because I know I'm going to learn something everyone else won't. I also don't know what, which is a fun mystery! I'll share with you one such thing. As a scripture was shared by my former companion, Elder Mosweswe, I found wonderful peace. He shared Mosiah 28:3 and the Spirit pushed me to St. John 6:67-69. How amazing is it that we have the Christ's words, even, "the words of eternal life" in the church? It's a wonderful thought I'll invite you to ponder.

After Zone Conference I had an interview and it was something else. Some personal things were shared so I won't go into detail, but my testimony of leaders grew. I know they're called of God. I know they receive revelation for those they're entrusted to be judges to. And I know this is "the Lord's Kingdom once again established on the earth preparatory to the second coming of the Messiah." I hope you all have discovered this or will.

So I promised a funny. So yesterday we met with an investigator, Benjamin. Benjamin is a great guy who wants to reconnect with God. The one catch, he hates the name, Holy Ghost. He knows all about the Holy Spirit and believes in him, but the moment we said, "Holy Ghost", he flipped! He went off how a ghost is something evil and scary and how, "the people who wrote the Bible should've only written one name, Holy Spirit." He went on for about 20 minutes before we could talk. At the end we gave him a pamphlet to prepare for our next lesson and he said, "Okay, but if I find 'Holy Ghost' I'm tossing it aside!" Hahaha!😂 He's a funny guy but he has great potential.

Well that concludes this weeks edition of Missionary Weekly, stay tuned for next weeks installment!

- Elder Burgess

This is Ivan Katjotjo, a member's son. If you look closely at the pile of shoes there is a kitten. It seemed as if he was going to hit the poor little cat but he didn't.

Here's Elder Reber feeling a little witch-y as he mopped.

Zone Conference again!

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