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Wednesday, February 22, 2017

"Go back."

So This past week has just flown!! Just yesterday, as we sat at a member's for dinner, it hit me... tomorrow is Monday... Absolutely bizarre, who took my week!?

On Monday evening we went and saw one of my favorite families, the Desousas. There we shared a message that has touched my heart profoundly, John 9:1-41. It's the story of Jesus Christ healing a man born blind. We watched the bible video that the church has made and shared some scriptures. The message comes with a lot of power. For me the part that hits home is when Jesus explains that the man is not blind because of sin, but so that the power of God may be manifest. I absolutely love the message and the way it's portrayed in the video. I highly recommend watching it.

We also had a great spiritual moment with our investigator, Nanal. I know I've mentioned her but let me reintroduce her. Nanal is the Branch President's daughter and has been investigating for some time now. We shared with her 2 Nephi 4. At the end she opened up about why she wasn't reading. She felt that maybe the book and the church would brainwash her. But 2 Nephi 4 showed her that it's all about God and Jesus Christ. And for the record, the Book of Mormon will not brainwash you, it'll change your life forever, there's a difference.

But as I said this week flew by. It's been wonderful though and as I look back I realize that a lot happened, it's just hard to put it all into short words.

Maybe one more experience. So Elder Ndlovu and I were walking around knocking doors when we came to a house. At first we almost passed it but something said, "go back". We go and knock and find an older lady, to whom we introduce ourselves. After introductions and an invitation to hear our message she says, "Ah yes, yes. But, do you know I'm actually a member of the church?" I asked her name and she said, "Brinkmann". Now the significance of this is back when I was with Elder Mosweswe I was looking at our membership list and found the Brinkmann family, who lived right down the street. We went there but they had moved. We tried the number but it was cancelled. I tried asking the members but they were unaware what happened to them. So to my delight I found this family!! Turns out they had moved far away but were visiting for a while so, Yay!!

Anyways, a good week. Love you all!
- Elder Burgess

Attached is a photo of part of my area, I had a good view.

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