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Monday, October 10, 2016

Namibia - a new adventure

Hello to you all.

We flew out for Namibia Tuesday night and didn't arrive until around 11. Namibia thus far is pretty great. It's a desert though! There's just a lot of sand and vast expanses of nothing. Surprisingly, there is a lot of hills. My new companion is Elder Mosweswe. He's from Botswana and he's only been out for 3 months. He's a great guy and a good worker.

So adventures started right off the bat. After we arrived we went to bed. Wednesday morning though, the games began. The work is good this side. The members are involved in missionary work, mostly because there hasn't been missionaries here. Right now there are 10 missionaries in all of Namibia. There are 5 branches but missionaries are only with 3. I'm serving in Weneheda. The other areas are Katutura and Windhoek. They're all close to Windhoek but there is a branch on the coast and up north. President is hoping to send missionaries there soon. It's kind of daunting having only 10 missionaries in a country...

So an interesting story this week was a great prank. Day one we visit an investigator named Flaviano. He starts in on The Book of Mormon and how the Bible says no additions. We do our best to explain and get him to read...then Sunday came. Sunday morning we arrive at 11:45 for correlation (our church starts at 1) and we see Flaviano. Then he joins us in correlation.... Sure enough the guy is a member and one good actor.

Oh and then I had a car...had... I drove it for one day and it quit. It had just come out of the shop for service and now the engine has practically gone kaputs... looks like I'm walking. 

I've been enjoying my mission greatly and Namibia is such an exciting step. I'm so happy to be here! 

- Elder Burgess

My new companion, Elder Mosweswe, and I.

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