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Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Crossing borders.

So a lot has happened this past week! But sadly, not much work...

On Tuesday, I had an interview with President Chadambuka. It was kinda funny but also a little sad. What made it so, was the fact that he didn't even know that I'd been in Limpopo for 9 months, let alone, Lenyenye for 6 months. Well after his initial shock he proceeds to say, "Well, I haven't heard anything..." then he paused briefly, "bad about you." Then He tells Elder Malemo he hadn't really heard anything about me, good or bad... Ah well, looks like I'm flying under the radar!

Because of the time of my interview we were only able to have one lesson and give a blessing. Wednesday came around shortly with Zone Conference. Zone Conference was really great actually. I learned a lot of great ideas to better the work. 

This whole week was disturbed though, by Transfers. So Transfer news came in on Saturday and you're not going to believe where I'm going!?! 

I'm..... STAYING!!! Bummer I know. Lenyenye is great though, it's a shame I'm actually leaving...

Yes folks, I'm leaving Limpopo. In fact, I'm leaving South Africa. I'm going to...


I can't believe how fortunate I am!! Going to Namibia is a real treat! There were only 6 elders in Namibia and when I go over, there will be 10. They're opening two new areas. I believe my area was already existing. It's called Wanaheda. It's right outside of the capital, Windhoek. Wish me luck!! I'm not sure when I fly out though. 

As excited as I am, I am sad to leave. There's a lot of people I've gotten close to here but, it's part of life. A change of scenery will be nice. The worst part though, Namibia is HOT!!! Wish me luck!

- Elder Burgess

Elder Bagoole and I were on exchanges when we took this photo. Funny enough we're both going to Namibia. Here we go!!

I thought I'd send these too. This is when we did service for a less active family on Saturday. I climbed the tree and was chopping limbs with Brother Wally, the one in Orange. That bit of blue is me.

Here is the Lenyenye District, AKA my roommates on our last Sunday together.

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