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Tuesday, October 25, 2016

The family is ordained of God.

Hello Everyone!!!

So this week has just flown by! We have had an eventful week with many lessons. We've been visiting this lady named 'Nanal'. She's the Branch President's daughter and has been investigating for a little while now. Before, her knowledge of the church was built by the internet and all the messed up views that the world has of Joseph Smith. Luckily she started to see that she needed an open mind. She's very concerned about her family's well being and wants the greatest life for them. The funny irony is she's married to a member who's super less active. The church has been around her forever! She's been really involved and really attentive. She's a great sister and now her sons have been joining us. They have also been attending church consistently. I have high hopes for them. 

We have some wonderful families in our branch. One of my favorites is the 'Desousa family'. They live just down the street from us. We've been teaching their maid, Patience. They're wonderful though!! Whenever we're nearby we stop and get a drink and they're so loving and fun. 

Another such family is the 'Katjotjo family'. They bring my story of the week. They are a younger family and have some really adorable kids. We shared with them how to share the Book of Mormon and our testimonies of it. By the end it was amazing!!! They left us with a kneeling prayer and can I just say, the family is ordained of God. Heavenly Father truly delights in the family.

Well I thank you all for your love and kindness and I hope you have a great week!

- Elder Burgess

The Namibian sun is hot but gives some really beautiful sunsets!!

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