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Tuesday, February 16, 2016

The field is white to harvest.

We briefly heard from Cameron last week, however, he didn't have time to write a public email. But! He has spoken now. Enjoy :)

Hello Everyone,

I apologize for not writing last week. We had a Zone Activity and I didn't have time to write a group message. I'll do my best to fill in for my missed time.

So my first Zone Activity went well. We went to the Echo Caves. They were pretty cool. To get through them was fun. We had to crawl through a few parts. There was some fun parts and some not so fun...like the drive. The drive was beautiful but my area is the farthest away so I was pretty tired by the end. Luckily I wasn't driving the whole way. Oh, but I saw my first baboon! There's so many of them! They just sit on the side of the road in areas but if you try to stop and take a picture they bolt away. I have many pictures of their behinds, haha!

Happy Valentine's Day! I hope everyone expressed love and gratitude to those that mean more to you. In reality we should always show love and gratitude, but tis the season right? I'll be honest, I forgot it was Valentine's Day until an investigator said it was Sunday. He was trying to make an excuse to not come to church.

Speaking of investigators let me tell you more about the area of Mokopane. We have several investigators, somewhere around 13 or so. Majority are recent additions so they're all at the beginning, but very inquisitive! The ones that are progressing are Kevin, Kgoleng, Peggy and Crystal. Crystal is on date to be baptized on the 28th. She has an amazing testimony and family! Her husband, Ngoako Pabale (I won't even try to tell you how to pronounce that, you have to hear it), has been a member for 10 years! He's waited a long time for his wife to accept the gospel. She hated the church but she now is so strong and committed like her husband.  He just went to the temple and received his endowment and on the 28th he'll be able to baptize his wife and 8 year old daughter. I'm so excited!

Peggy, Kevin and Kgoleng: Peggy is an unbaptized member. She's been investigating for a long time. She just wants to be baptized with her husband, Lucas. Lucas is great. He knows the church is true. He has read the Book of Mormon and believes in it. The only catch: he's the pastor of another church. But we're hopeful for him and his wife's sake.

Kevin and Kgoleng are Peggy's nephews and they are golden!  They love what we have to say and keep  wanting more! I have high hopes.

Lastly, I gave my first talk yesterday. It was on Humility and its role in members. From looking at this I found something insightful. Please read Moses 4: 1-4 in the Pearl of Great Price. It shows how the war we now fight started with pride. ultimately our war is pride vs humility. Satan's pride is why he was cast out and Jesus's Humility is why he is our Savior. 

Let us not be found "captive" by pride. I love you all!

- Elder Burgess

Me in one of the crawl through passages in the Echo Caves

A spider I found on my wall... it was about the size of my palm and extremely fast! Thank goodness I don't have arachnophobia. 

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