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Monday, March 7, 2016

God's love is very real.

Happy MONDAY everyone! Enjoy your day and smile because the world needs more positivity!

Hello all my lovely people!

So life here in South Africa has been moving. It's been good but a little hectic with transfers being delayed and now having the transfer finally here. So I will be staying in my area of Mokopane with Elder Saiah so he can finish my training. I'm so glad for it too. It's been nice working with him and I'm learning a lot. Also, we both wanted to stay here so that we can continue the work. We've begun to turn the area around. 

This past week had a few ups and a few downs. We'll go with the bad news first. A couple of our investigators, the good ones at that, have dropped us. They've moved away for school and work. But on the bright side we have received a few more investigators and we were finally able to contact one that's been really busy. His name is Bright. He's from Ghana and he finds so much peace learning from us. I love teaching him and I hope things continue to progress with him.

One of the highlights this week was definitely seeing Brother Pabale confirm his wife and daughter members of the church. We were asked to stand in and it was amazing. The priesthood is very real and it is the authority of God. On that, I can tell you of the best part of my week. We were visiting Sister Dorothy and her kids and at the end of the lesson her daughter asked for a blessing. Dorothy asked her who she wanted to give it and she pointed to me. I had the amazing opportunity to give my first blessing. Never before in my life have I felt the power of our Heavenly Father than at that very moment. I was so nervous of messing up, especially her name (it's Tshegofatso Belina Elena Koopa). It was amazing!!

I thank you all for all the love and support you send my way and know I'm returning it. I love you all and I pray that you strive to stay connected to your Heavenly Father.

Elder Burgess

Behold, my new ride. We now have a bakkie and it's very fun to drive!

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