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Friday, June 17, 2016

Press forward, always abounding in good works.

Hello Everyone! 

Not a huge update this week. Life is going well and South Africa is treating me very kindly. People here are doing well. We currently have a few good investigators. They're coming to church every Sunday and we are seeing them each week, sometimes multiple times a week, if schedules permit. We've been trying to invite a sister to baptism but she's not quite there with us. I know it's a consideration but she doesn't want a date set. I won't lie, it has been a little frustrating but time will prove for her I'm sure. She married into a family of members and I'm pretty sure her husband served a mission. I'm quite optimistic.

I can't remember if I said anything about this but, Elder Dickson, one of the Tzaneen Elders, lost his wallet along with his license. So since he has no license I've been helping them by driving. They technically cover two areas, Tzaneen and Motupa. Tzaneen is a branch and Motupa is a group. The whole of their area is huge! So to reach most people they can't walk so I've gone on splits with them many times. I've come to know their area and my own. I have enjoyed it though. I've met some wonderful people in their areas and had some good lessons. 

One such lesson was with a sister in Motupa. I'm not quite sure how to spell her name but it sounds like Mighty. Anyway she has some dogs and they joined us for the lesson which was interesting.

At another lesson I found a dance partner. She's about two years old and adorable! During the lesson she was playing patty cake with me which turned into her dancing while she held my hands. I'm happy to see that dance hasn't left me completely.

I thank you all for all the love you've shown me and for the many blessings you've sent my way. I wish you the best!

- Elder Burgess

Cameron's little dance partner.

Elder Dickson having a lesson with his new companion.

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