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Monday, June 27, 2016

Sorry! The internet was down.

Hello Everyone!!!

So sorry about this last week. The internet has been down. I guess I should catch you up on everything then. I've been doing well. I mentioned a mini transfer earlier, well, I'm staying and so is Elder Bagoole. He'll probably leave at the official transfer though and I could train. We have 12 missionaries coming in. 12!!

Also, President Wilson is going home! So we're getting a new president, President Chadambuka. It's interesting having this happen... I hope that everything goes well. President Wilson will be missed. We had Zone Conference this last Friday and it's probably the last time I'll see him until after my mission. I can see him becoming a General Authority. He's a truly remarkable man. 

These past couple weeks have been eventful. We said goodbye to our good friend Oupa Shai (Oh-pa shy), he's leaving for his mission in Madagascar! He'll be in the MTC for just 6 weeks to learn Malagasy, then into the field for him! He's a great teacher and I just know that he'll work wonders over there.

Let's see what else... oh yeah, there's been rioting in Pretoria. It's been pretty serious too, the missionaries down there were evacuated for a couple days. They're back there now though. You can look it up. People down here are pretty crazy! But everyone is safe in the mission.

Oh and Happy Father's Day to all the fathers that read this. It's late I know, but still said with appreciation and love. 

I'd like to thank you all for all the love and support you've sent my way, I truly appreciate it.

- Elder Burgess

Elder Bagoole, Elder Oupa Shai, and I.

Doing more service. This time in Modjadji.

We were playing soccer. Can you tell? ;)

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