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Monday, January 9, 2017

The life of a missionary.

Hello, World! 

I hope you're all well. I'm doing quite well! So this past week was a bit slow at first but it's turned around because people are back!! Life for a missionary is turning around here in Nam. Oh I don't think I mentioned this to everyone but we've been out of cars for a while now. We were originally told that we'd be getting cars again with the beginning of the year but now it's looking like they won't be coming for a while. It's fine really, walking is nice for certain missionary aspects but it's harder to teach many people. It also doesn't help that it's the hottest time of the year... Ah well, God is great and this is his work!!

We had Zone Meeting this past Friday and after, Elder Hamilton, one of our zone leaders, joined us for the rest of the day. Well, on our way to our first appointment we got messages from all of our appointments, cancelling on us... Oh what fun. But, we made it a great day still. I must admit that I'm not a fan of stuff like tracting, that is until I get doing it. I love talking to new people and right from the start you can tell who's interested. I love finding people and seeing their faces just light up! 

So life here in Namibia is good and I'm still doing well. I hope you're all happy and enjoying life!

Love ya'll!
- Elder Burgess

Welcome to Zone Meeting!

Look! I found green plants and water!

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