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Monday, January 2, 2017

Happy New Year!

Hello everyone and welcome to 2017. Can you smell it? 

I hope you all enjoyed New Years Eve and that you didn't party too hard. ðŸ˜‰ My New Years wasn't all that fun. Our mission was told that during Christmas Eve, Christmas, New Years Eve and New Years that we should not tract or contact, just go to appointments and stay in the flat. Well For us we had no appointments, no one wanted to see us. So we were in the flat... Anyways we survived and we're back. Hopefully all goes well this coming week. 

For New Years I hope you made New Years resolutions. They're a great way to evaluate where you are and seek to be better. From being here on my mission I've learned that planning and setting goals is the only way to progression. That's exactly what New Years resolutions are.

So yeah, this past week has been alright. We had transfers and I'm officially with Elder Ndlovu. He's a wonderful Elder and I'm learning already. I know this transfer is going to be good. We also have Elder Desouza and Elder Reber with us in our flat which is fun. They're all great guys and fun to be around. 

Not much happened this week so I apologize this is short. Know I love you all and I hope your coming week is a good one. 

- Elder Burgess

Elder Ndlovu and I 

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