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Monday, May 16, 2016

Be happy in all that you do.

Hello Hello Hello!

Life here in South Africa has been great! I'm loving the area and the people. 

So this last Sunday we confirmed the two young men as members of the Church and now we're preparing for next week where we'll have two more investigators be baptized! The first is Sister Thalita, who I've mentioned before. The second is Brother Nico. Nico is a partially blind man that has found a love for the church and the missionaries. He's been taught for awhile now and he's going to be baptized! I'm also hopeful for his wife and family in the near future! I've been enjoying talking and teaching both of these wonderful people and I feel they're so ready. Sister Thalia, for instance, has been teaching us the lessons as of late. And going into deeper knowledge than is originally taught to investigators. 

Lenyenye is doing well. So are the other areas up here. We help the other areas by finding service as often as permitted. One of the photos is of such service. We were getting sand for a family so that they can make cement to add a room onto their house. I've definitely been loving this place. I love the service opportunities we have and I just feel at home here. 

We also say goodbye to one of the senior couples up here. Elder and Sister Campbell went home yesterday evening. They're from Prescott, Arizona. They're probably still in the air as I'm writing this. Anyways, they served in Tzaneen and worked wonders. Their going away party was joyful but still had many tears. The people here will be forever grateful to them.

A spiritual thought that has interested me as of late has been the story of Enoch. Within the Bible Enoch is hardly mentioned. But thanks to modern revelation through the Prophet Joseph Smith, We have so much more of his story. We now see the greatness of that man and what it really took to build Zion. I encourage you all to read up on his story and really think on how you personally can contribute to building Zion. This is our goal here before the Second Coming of Christ.

I love you all and I hope that you're doing well.

- Elder Burgess

Elder Bagoole and I delivering sand to a family so they can make cement to add a room onto their home.

Elder Dickson. This kid makes me laugh! Whenever I ask him to take a picture for us, he snaps one of himself. This is his latest addition.

Elder and Sister Campbell cutting the cake at their farewell party.

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