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Wednesday, May 25, 2016

It wouldn't be Africa without the wild & exotic.

Happy, Happy Birthday to my little nephew who's 3 today!!

Hello to you all!! I hope you've enjoyed this past week as much as I have! So you'll probably notice this is coming a little later. That's because on Monday I went to Kruger National Park!! It was so much fun!!  

I'll start first with how the week went. It was a good week. We had a few people cancel on us but we just kept looking forward to the baptisms and Kruger. We met with Brother Nico a few times because he was so nervous about the baptism and bearing his testimony. He's one of the most shy guys I know. He's mostly blind yet he was so nervous to be in front of people. We also met with Thalita, but her's is a different story. She was so ready for this! Her cousin, Humphrey, starting bringing her to church over a year ago and she's been taught ever since. She's been a member really, just minus the baptism. She was beyond ready and I'm so happy for them both! I've come to love them both and I'm so happy I could be here to see their baptisms.

Other than meeting with them I would say my highlight was teaching Mapula. Mapula is a young lady whom we thought was a member. She always came to church, she attends seminary, she comes to family home evening, etc, etc. Well our first time meeting her was interesting because at the end we asked, "is there anything we can help you with?" Her response was, "Just help me work to being baptized." Oh how great was our joy!

So the baptisms went well, they're both so excited to receive the Holy Ghost and I'm so happy for them!

Kruger National Park

As many of you know, I love animals! I was able to go to Kruger National Park on Monday and it was spectacular!! The moment we enter we were welcomed by a herd of elephants. I had to tell Elder Bagoole to make sure I didn't get out of the bakkie (truck) because it was so tempting! We drove around all day and I got to see elephants, hippos, baboons, giraffes, zebra, antelope, wildebeest, ibex, warthogs, ostriches, and so on and so forth. It was a lot of driving though! Sadly, no leopards. I did see a lion! The only bummer was I wasn't able to get a picture because it moved into the bush, leaving me with only a glance. But I still saw one!! Again Elder Bagoole had to hold me back from getting out... I really wanted to get a better look.

I hope you're all doing well. I'm having such a wonderful time here! I thank you all for all the love, support and prayers you've sent my way. I'm seeing the blessings in my life so thank you again. And thank you for all the encouragement.

I love you all!
- Elder Burgess

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