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Monday, June 12, 2017


Hello Everyone!! 

Sorry this is going to be short. Transfers are this week so I'll just give details. So this past week was full of good news and some sad. So yeah...

I'm doing great!! I'm healthy and well. So exciting news!! Cecyllia, Lorraine and Eugene were all baptized!!! Cecyllia I've talked about, Eugene I've mentioned and Lorraine was someone I taught some months back. Not sure if you'll remember but I was ecstatic to see their baptisms!! And just before I left. 

So yes my time in Namibia has ended. I'm sad to go. I was there for 6 transfers, about a third of my mission. It was great and I'll miss those people greatly. But the news is: I'm going to
BOTSWANA!! Crazy, right?!! I'm going to a place called Molepolole. My companion will be Elder Motaleng. It's super crazy!!

But yes, I wish you all the best. I'll tell you about Botswana next week. I'll be heading there on Wednesday.

***Elder Burgess is getting behind on emails. Please keep future emails to shorter notes. I would like to read and respond but too many are coming in. Please be patient. Thank you.

Well I love you all!
- Elder Burgess

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