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Tuesday, June 20, 2017


Hello world!! 

Well this is crazy. I'm in Botswana and it's something else. So no missionaries have been here in Molepolole for about 10 months and they weren't even here very long. This area has been vacant for some time. 

So we got in on Wednesday night and rushed to get a little food before stores closed. Then I had to clean a bit. Dust and spiders were everywhere!! Well I cleaned around my bed and went to sleep. On Thursday we cleaned... and cleaned... and cleaned. I still didn't finish but I finished later. We then met with a brother that used to go with the missionaries when they were last here. He showed us some of the members and a bit of the area.

Molepolole is different from what I've seen. It's big though. It's a village that just goes on and on, but you can't see the end because of the trees. Oh, and Botswana is flat!! It's crazy! I can literally see forever. 

Well anyways the weekend was okay. We were able to meet the Bishop (that's right, I'm finally in a ward) and other leaders. We worked with the Elders quorum President to visit some less actives. Apparently a lot of people have gone less active since the missionaries left. It's quite sad but we're here now. It's a bit stressful actually. I'm not sure where to start honestly and I know I have my work cut out for me. But here goes!

That's about it so far. More to come.

- Elder Burgess

Elder Motaleng and I

Here's the car I'm driving and drove up from Pretoria. It's a Hyundai i20...in the village...

Our "chapel". It's a rented out building.

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