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Wednesday, July 20, 2016

A fortunate new adventure.

Hello world,

Well to start off, I hope you're doing well. I'm doing pretty well myself. So yeah, I've started training Elder Matjie (Maw chee ay). He's a good guy. He's very ready for the mission field. He's wonderful at teaching already. Honestly, me training him doesn't make sense, but whatever. I know I'm very fortunate to have him as a companion. 

Another thing that makes me fortunate is that we moved into a really nice flat! I mean REALLY NICE! It was the Campbell's (the senior couple that left just not too long ago) flat before. So it's intended for a senior couple. I somewhat feel like I'm staying in a hotel!

Although our area will be a struggle, Elder Matjie and I are optimistic. We started with no one in our teaching pool! As time goes on, however, I know it will improve. We've been trying to find less actives because there are many, like hundreds, many. Yesterday I was just driving and I saw a house down the way and thought, "let's stop there". As we are getting closer our member present says, "Oh there's a less active there," while pointing at my predetermined destination. Well it turns out that an entire family lives there!! And their two children that live in Johannesburg were up visiting. It was a wow moment for sure!!

I'd have to say that another reason I'm fortunate is because I have you all! I know that you have sent prayers my way because I've seen them, many times...this past week, my whole mission actually.

Thank you. 

- Elder Burgess

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