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Monday, July 11, 2016

Here kitty, kitty! It's time for transfers.

Hello All!!

I hope your week was good. Mine was great!! 

To start off, last Monday, after emailing, I went to the Letaba Predator Park and played with lions... yes, you heard me right. I'll attach photos. I'm sure everyone knows of my obsession with wild life and especially exotic predators. So my joy was very much on the high side. 

Other than that we've had a good week. We've done some more finding and I've really enjoyed it! I love talking to people and sharing, to their bewilderment, gospel truths. But it is frustrating when a guy looks at the picture of Jesus and claims we're racist and worship a white man.... Here I'm being called racist with an African companion and the line he uses is far more racist than anything I've ever said or done. I think some people say stuff like that just to get us to leave though. Oh well, their loss. 

Our friend Nico has been away and just came back so we were able to visit him and his family again and boy, I missed them! I love that whole family so much!! 

Let's see, other than that, we received transfer news....... (drum roll).... I'm staying in Lenyenye! And so is Elder Bagoole! But, we're not companions. We will BOTH be training new guys and Lenyenye is being divided. My new trainee is named Elder Matjie. I'll be meeting him tomorrow when I drive down to Pretoria to pick him up! And the area of Lenyenye that I'll be in is called Tickyline. We don't really work there because it's far from the church but there's a lot of less active members. I'm hopeful that everything will go well...

I love you all and thank you for the support. I would like to ask for added prayers that training and leading an area goes well for me.

- Elder Burgess

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