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Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Surprise baptisms!


So, long time eh? So not much extra from last time but Sunday was spectacular!! I'll get there.

So Saturday we had a Trainer/Trainee Meeting and then had the Assistants to the President come with us to our area. I had Elder May with me. Elder May is the oldest missionary (in mission time that is) here and goes home next transfer. He's from Salt Lake City, Utah. He's a wonderful missionary! I was nervous going with an AP because my mind sees it as he's going to criticize everything I do but it actually went very well. He also was approached and got us a new potential investigator so it was a win of a day! 

Saturday was also Elder Matjie's Birthday!!

Anyway, now onto Sunday!!! So It's been eventful really. I'm not sure if I remember mentioning an investigator Elder Bagoole and I started teaching, Sister Mapula. Well she was just baptized!! Along with Sister Phina!!! Phina is Brother Nico's wife, if you remember! I didn't think I would get to see Phina baptized but it happened!! I love that family so much and now they can work to being sealed to each other and their children. Their oldest can be baptized in about a year! 

So Elder Bagoole baptized Sister Phina and I baptized Sister Mapula. Sister Mapula was kinda scared but extremely jittery and excited! She's a very shy and quiet person but she loves the Church and she has many friends who are members. I can't express how happy I am!!

I hope you had a wonderful weekend like myself! 

- Elder Burgess

Everyone ready for the baptisms!

Sister Mapula pretending she's gangsta instead of shy.

Elder Bagoole and I's excitement, summed up.

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