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Monday, August 29, 2016

Hello, Hello, Hello! This is Nat King Cole.

Just kidding, it's Elder Burgess!! 

So not a whole lot but this week has been interesting and long!! Driving down to Pretoria was a hoot (not), and it's been kind of slow. 

So my new companion. His name is Elder Malemo. He's 19, just 28 days older than me, and he's from Bloemfontein, South Africa. He's a really cool guy! He's really fun and a good hard worker! I definitely feel we're going to help this place grow!! Our goal is to get a Group started in our area. I think it's possible at the moment but it might be him that does it. Who knows if I'll be here another transfer. 

Not a whole lot happened this week. We were able to find a lot of less actives! It's quite sad though, many have joined other churches. And the saddest thing I've heard, and I've decided it's one of the saddest things to be said is: "I was a member". People don't understand, it doesn't work like that!

There's still much to do here!! Hopefully in the near future less actives will stop dodging us and we can get them back to church. Elder Malemo and I are trying to focus on them so that a group can happen. It's possible because we had three less actives at church Sunday! 

So my spiritual moment this week was with a new investigator, Lillian Mtolo (good luck pronouncing that). We have been teaching her The Plan of Salvation and she's been very responsive! She's asking questions and I feel that she is very ready for the gospel. I'm so excited to continue teaching her!!

Well "Tha- tha- tha- that's all Folks!"
- Elder Burgess

Elder Malemo and I

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