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Friday, September 9, 2016

"Rise up, dust yourself off, and move forward." - Dieter F. Uchtdorf


So sorry not a lot of time today.

I'm alive, I'm happy, I'm eating, etc.

Life is going well here in Lenyenye. Elder Malemo and I have been working hard but still struggling. People here are ready but we haven't found the REALLY ready ones yet. We literally had an investigator welcome us with a big smile and give us chairs then she went to get her friend... A few minutes later her sister came by and said, "She left, you know?" We walked away laughing but still a little sad. We've been able to see many less actives though!! We're trying to get them back to church so we can start a group out this way. There actually used to be one! We're going to get it back!!

I'm sorry this is so short but it's because we went to a crocodile ranch. It was pretty cool and there are some BIG crocs!!

Love you all, have a nice week!!

- Elder Burgess


  1. dear Elder Burgess,

    sorry I haven't posted in a while things have gotten really crazy here in Utah. I have started a new semester at Snow College and have been meeting a lot of new and old friends both from my time in high school and college. well lot so much new friends from high school but you get my point. A few of my old friends from high school have come off their missions recently and it has been a blast seeing them after such a long time. One of my friends are also going on her mission I'm not sure to where yet, but I am really excited for her. I just got back from a dance at the institute and I really hate to say it but my feet are still throbbing from all of the dancing, but all in all it was a blast. Mom and dad are doing OK. Dad is really relieved that he has finished his masters program and now is waiting to be officially graduated this December. Mom is doing well she has her hands full with Nick and the twins these days since they are still living at home. Nick is a senior this year, he is hoping to put his papers in after graduation, and Ben and Gen are in Junior High this year and are driving mom crazy. Mainly because Ben has glasses now and he keeps misplacing them every-time he puts them down, and Gen is just at that age where everything gets highly complicated, and dramatic. Alex is also doing well he has new roommates this semester and is working at Ancestry and is having a blast with is social life which is good. he often comes down to see everyone. I am glad you are having fun and I can't wait to hear from you next time. love you cous.

    1. Hey Sarah, for Cameron to see this, you'll need to email him at cameron.burgess@myldsmail.net

      Kimberli keeps this blog for him (updates the blog with the emails he sends)

      Love, Aunt C.