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Monday, September 12, 2016

An unexpected trap...

Hello Everyone! 

I hope all is well and that life is treating you well. I'm doing great but It's been hot!! I'm sure many of you probably remember me saying, "I'll go anywhere but I'd prefer some place not too hot", Well, It's too hot. It's been in the high 80's low 90's but it's only spring... There's a chance I won't be here for Limpopo's Summer... I hope.

Anyway this past week has been good despite the heat. We've found a few new investigators and a couple people who have been less active for a while. Yesterday we had some less actives at church who haven't been there for almost 3 years!! It was great! And they were laughing and really enjoying themselves!! The work is improving for sure. 

I can't really believe where the time has gone. I've already surpassed the year mark for when I got my call and I've been out for 8 months... 2 years is really short.

Not a whole lot but I do have a good story!! Elder Bagoole locked himself in the bathroom. So here skeleton keys are still used quite a bit and the problem with them is after a while they wear out. Well, when Elder Bagoole was attempting to exit the bathroom, the key broke. So here we are waiting for him so we can leave and we hear a knock and a soft voice. I couldn't help but laugh!! The best part was we couldn't just remove the lock because the lock is literally in the door! 

Then! Elder Griffey starts getting all excited and starts putting his heavy shoes on so he can kick the door down. We eventually called the office couple, the Hawkins, and asked for permission to kick it down. They didn't answer though. We waited and waited and Elder Griffey was about to go ahead and do it when Elder Bagoole escaped with a butter knife. It was all pretty funny!!

Well That's all for now!

- Elder Burgess

Elder Malemo attempting to free our captive, Elder Bagoole.

Elder Burgess is famous!! Just kidding, I forgot to send this from when we were in the newspaper for Mormon Helping Hands. 

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