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Thursday, September 22, 2016

soccer & staying strong

Hello Everyone!                                             9-20-16

Sorry about yesterday, we had a zone activity and there is too many elders for us all to have emailed. For our zone activity though, we played a variation of soccer called five-a-side. It's an enclosed area and a smaller field with only five players to each side (hence the name). There's no outs and you can't have it in the air above your head or else it's a foul. It was so fun!!! Sadly, I wasn't the brightest and didn't really take many photos... Sorry. But Maybe we'll go again. I'm very sore though!

Update for the week:

It's been an iffy week. I've lost my pocket tag in the area and I've had no luck in finding it. Also, we've had a lot of cancellations so we only had a few lessons. I've been keeping my head up but sometimes it's hard being a missionary. I understand now when people say it's not an easy thing. BUT, there's a lot more good than negative. I've been truly loving my mission. 

Our area finally got some rain thankfully but of course it was right after we washed our truck...the wash was null and void. People on our side are doing well. We've been finding some more less actives and hopefully we're helping them regain their testimonies then build them up stronger than they were. 

I thank you all for writing me and keeping me updated on everything you. I'll do my best to respond as often as possible.

Well that's all for now I guess, tata!

- Elder Burgess

"Chomi" means "friend".

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